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Sunday Weigh In - April 27, 2014

Good morning, everyone.... how are we all doing this morning?   Sorry, I'm running a bit late, but it's taken me a while to get caught up on forums, etc.

I did relatively well with my eating this past week, but haven't fared so well with exercise.  I, typically, had been walking for an hour every day, with my "winter neighbor".  She has now gone back to her home state for the summer and I'm left to my own devices.  I don't do so well for the first few days she's gone.  

Anyway, I have to own a 3 pound increase this week -- just happened overnight, so I have to put most of it down to fluid retention, though I did eat a few more calories yesterday (certainly not enough to gain 3 pounds, though...).  Yesterday, I did a lot of yard work, including trimming a palm tree with lots of thorns on it and I got stuck multiple times.  The thorns are almost like a "sting", so my hands are very sore and swollen this morning.  I'm going to soak them in some Epsom salt to see if that will relieve the swelling a bit. If not for the swelling, 6 hours of yard work, would have been excellent exercise, since it included a lot mowing with a push mower, which is both walking and strength training.

Okay - so that's my story and I'm sticking to it... lol   How are you doing this morning?  Hope everyone has had a successful week.  If you met the challenge goal of losing 1 pound, congratulations; you did great and hope you can keep it up.  If not, can you tell us what the stumbling block(s) were/are, so we can try to help you?  Maybe we can get back on track together.

Remember:  we win, by losing - weight.

Wishing everyone a great, successful week....
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Good afternoon. I had a good week with a 4lb lost. I'm starting to become bored with my eating.  I  trying  new stuff( yogurt shop, Mediterranean food). I want to feel like I did in the beginning.  So I'm going to set a alarm in the morning for my workouts.  Good luck for next week.
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Hello everyone!

Barb sorry that you hands are sore but I love to garden too!  I worked some today with some plants.  Have you used the salts to bath in?  You soak for 20 minutes and you can add lavender and it helps with the water weight.  

Twokee. You had a great week keep up the great work!!

I can claim a 1lb loss.  I'm shocked though.  Really having trouble with the amount I'm eating.  I'm losing my motivation.  Just really not sure what's going on.  One point this week I basically threw up my arms and said screw it I'm eating this and if I gain my weight back so be it!   What do you guys do when and if you feel this way?

Hope you guys have a great week!  Hoping I can get my head back in the game!!!
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Hi Barb! Hi everyone!

I've been doing good most of the days.I eat maybe 100-300  less cals than I need. I also do walking exercises at least 30mins a day. BUT  I binged 2 days. We had a buffet, ate ice cream, pizzas, pastas, desserts, choco filled breads and chocolates. I just let go coz I also need more calories to pump milk for my baby. We took him to a pool party :-)

I didnt gain pounds but I also didnt lose any. I'm not too worried about it though. Personally my current weight is ok with me. I just want a flatter more toned tummy..which I am currently workin on ;-)

Good luck again to us all next time!
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Well..its really a great day for me..because my new routine for 4days..has a result now..and I'm losing my weight moreover I had a lot of workout everyday...I think at the end of 2weeks..I will get my ideal weight....;) godbless all..;)..

We will be fit soon...best of luck to everyone..;)..
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Morning Barb,
I had a great week with eating and exercising. I'm down 5lbs. Hopefully, I can have another great week at work, eating and exercising. Everyone have a great week and just remember take it a step at a time.
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Hello mighty people!

I'm sorry I'm late with this post but I was out of town for a wedding.
I started week nicely and lost 2 pounds but thanks to that beautiful wedding I gained a beautiful 3 pounds. :( I was actually taking care of what I ate but with the alcohol, juices and lavishly meat it end up not so great for my weigh loss.
Now that I realised how much weight I put on on saturday, I got really sad and ate more than I should've today. I'm trying hard to convince myself not to give up but I'm standing on the edge of quitting. I know that if I quit now I will lose all I worked for and that is 16 Ibs in 4 months. Can anyone please tell me something to bring my hope back? I really need motivation right now :(
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