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Sunday Weigh In - March 16, 2014

Good Morning, everyone.  How are we all doing today?  This is our first weigh in, since the beginning of the Summer Weight Loss Challenge.... Is everybody ready?  

As I said in the challenge post, we'll be having this weigh in every Sunday, from now until June 21 and we can go beyond that, if everyone wants to.

Anyway, we've all had a week to get started with our weight loss program.  If you need help getting started, let us know and we'll lend a hand.  

I'll go first with my weigh in, which turned out to be a disappointment!!  I actually went the wrong way, this week and I'm not sure why, because I've had plenty of exercise and I've been real careful with what I'm eating -- I've had to, because I had some extensive dental work done last Monday and I haven't been able to eat a lot of foods.  I think the antibiotics I was given following my dental work had something to do with it, because my tummy has felt bloated all week.  I'd guess, though that most of it is fluid retention.

Anyway, no excuses... I weighed in at 156.4, this morning, which is a 2.8 lb gain over Monday's weight.  Wow... can't believe it.

So - what about everyone else?  The goal is a pound/week.... did you make it?  If you did, congratulations; if you didn't (like me), how can we help you?  Let  us know what kind of help you need to meet your goal and we'll try to help you.  Don't forget, you can also add your weight tracker, to your post to show your current weight and your goal.  To do that, click on the blue "show ticker" beneath you post, then click "Weight Tracker"

Your turn.... post your weight and tell us about your week.

Remember --- we all win by losing (weight).

Have a great week.

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Good morning. I had a good week. I weighed 272 which is a 3lbs lost.  I tried the piece of fruit to help sweet craving.  I also bought weight watchers ice cream.  I had a problem with feeling a little hungry at night. I increase my water intake and it help.  Good luck next week.
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Hi all. Although I am expecting to be 45kg by now, I still did lose some.  I still haven't changed my eating habit, which is eating fast. I think if I am finally able to eat slowly and savor my food more, it will help in not wanting to shove another food down my throat. I am thinking of lessening snacking too.

I've been walking with my baby at least 30minutes everyday so I think it helped.
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Hello everyone.  I weighed in at 190 which is down a half a pound.  I'm ok with this.  You will think I'm nuts but I'm having trouble eating enough calories..  Especially after I've worked out.  Example: Friday I ate less than 1000 calories.  Not good at all.  I am just not hungry.  I had two glasses of water all day.  Help!!!  
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Am I reading your tracker correctly?  You only weigh 102 lbs and are trying to get to 87 lbs?  How tall are you?  87 lbs is not enough for an adult woman, unless you are "very" short. Of course, eating too fast is often a problem.  Try laying your fork down between every bite and chew your food thoroughly.  It should be liquified before you swallow it.

twoke  - congratulations on the 3 pound loss; I wish I could be joining you at that.  Does the fruit seem to help the sweets craving?  Weight Watcher's ice cream is good, but make sure you build it into your daily calorie budget.

Cmom3.... even a half pound is a step in the right direction.  Odd that you're not able to eat enough.  How soon after a work out do you try to eat?  I can't eat within 45 min to an hour of a workout, but then I get so hungry I gobble my food. Are you drinking those glasses of water all at once?  I find that if I keep a large glass of ice water with lemon, sitting on the counter, I'll take a couple sips every time I walk by.  The glass I drink from holds 16 oz, so by the time I've drank that, I've downed 2 cups.  I fill it up 2-3 times/day most days.  Do try to make sure you get in your calories, though, as your body may start holding onto fat stores, since there isn't enough coming in.

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Hey barb you probably gained weight because you didn't eat enough.

As for me I weigh 268 but my weight tends to fluctuate between 267-273 so it's a bit hard to tell if it's water weight or actual progress. I haven't worked out at all this week, I'm sick with a cough and strained throat but today I'll walk for an hour or so as I feel a lot better than I have felt in days!

Hang in there guys, we'll all make our goals if we're dedicated enough! Hope to hear about your profess next week!
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Hi Barb. Thanks for the concern. I'm between 4'11"-5'1". I think 5'1" is kind of a stretch though. I just like to think I'm tall enough. But as I remember, my last height measurement is 5 flat. I say it like this because my height varies depending on who measures it but it is always at that range. I am also an Asian, small frame. I just put 39kg as it is the last weight when I had my abs (and I want to get it back) but I was 16 at that time (although my body looked normal before, I am not sure if it is still applicable now). I never got my abs back. I think my last weight where I am normal is 42kg but I still have fats in my stomach at that time so I'm not sure if I should go lower or I just really need to tone my stomach more.
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Hello everyone. I just found this awesome app and this program is awesome. Here goes my story. My weight was 170 three months ago, right now I am at 157. But I haven't been taking it serious enough. I am going to the gym more often now and trying to watch what I eat. My ideal weight is 130 so I have a long way to go. This challenge idea will help me for sure.
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Hi All,
I was 120lbs 15 years ago. My weight fluctuated between 163 and 184 over the past 2 years. This year, i have worked out and is now 165. My goal is to be 135 because I am 5 "2
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I have lost 2.2 pounds this week (168 to 165.8)
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