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Sunday Weigh In

Wow -- time sure flies when we're having fun doesn't it??   Here we are getting ready to begin another week -- has everyone weighed themselves this morning and are we ready to get started??

Personally, I didn't do real well this past week -- particularly the past couple of days.  As some of you know, I've had lots of company, so it's hard to stay on track.  Yesterday, I had to visit my aunt (some of you know about that situation too) and she wanted to go out for breakfast, so of course, we took her.  I ate WAY too much -- eggs, bacon, pancakes (they were hearty wheat though) and with that, of course, you have to add the syrup and jelly.......this is not pretty......................lol

For dinner last night, our company, my hubby and myself went to the local buffet --- oh, my -- talk about "not pretty"................I did start out with a huge plate of salad (lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper and carrots) and very little dressing to sort of help "dull" the hunger.  Things went downhill from there...................

Anyway, I've ended up with an additional 2 pounds for the week, because of these 2 meals...........how silly could I have been to indulge like that??  Shame on me...................

Today is going to be another tough one because my company, more family and friends coming for pork loin cooked on the grill.  I'm hoping that I can get in some exercise AND eat enough "good" stuff to be able to not splurge on this meal.  

I hope that all guys did better than I did.  
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Barb now you know im going to tell you off dont you, NOT because your up,but because of your comments."how silly could I have been to indulge like that??  Shame on me................... "
Its shame on you for thinking such things, I will have to re-introduce the naughty corner for anyone with negative comments,lol
I am dreading getting on the scales after my vacation I am starting back at the gym tomorrow and i will be re- implimenting the food diary, so i can get back on track,
Good luck to everyone,
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Oh dear, don't tell me you didn't weigh this morning??  Why don't you just skip it for this week?  We all need to let our hair down once in a while and I hope you had a wonderful vacation.  You needed it.

As to me --- well, I guess I deserve the "telling off" because I'm always telling others to "be as nice to yourself as you are to others", so I need to take my own advice.  I really should not have indulged in that manner, but it WAS time well spent with family that I only get to see every few years; and now that I've done it, there's no going back, so I'll put it behind me and move along.  

Oh -- I almost forgot --- AFTER the meal, my SIL and I walked (yes, we actually "hoofed it") to the WalMart store, which was approx 1/2 mi from the restaurant; this in cold biting wind, while the other 3 in our party drove to the store............okay, I feel better now, at least I worked off a FEW of those calories........................lol
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I'm up 0.2 pounds from last week.

Well I didn't do well compared to last week but I'm not complaining and here is why. I jumped up 3.4 pounds overnight on Wednesday from 125.6 to 129.0!!! I stuck to my rules, I didn't overeat, drank all my water. I had no idea what happened. I have narrowed it down to two things.

The first is I ate two turkey hot dogs on whole wheat buns for dinner the night before. I have never had those kind before and I think I had the same kind of reaction to them that I have when I eat Chinese. I jump up in weight and slowly come down till I get all the junk out of my system. I guess I could be intolerant to something but what I don't know. I thought sodium but they are low in comparison to some of the other foods I eat.

The second is I took a part time cleaning job and still exercised my 5.5 hrs. without increasing my calories. Could this have been to much for my body and it stopped burning fat?

Anyway, I stopped exercising while I'm cleaning and increased my points by 4 per day and I'm definitely not eating another one of those hot dogs!

So, I'm very glad I'm only up 0.2 pounds and I hope by next week I meet my goal!
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On Thursday I finally weighed myself after avoiding for a while.  I was at a whopping 198 and was in tears at the thought that I was that close to 200 lbs.  It shocked my system and I am now re-committed to losing.  I am fighting the hunger from the meds and am determined to win.  Since Thursday I have lost 2.6 lbs.  I am very pleased but I do know those first days are the easiest to lose with.  Every day will be a challenge but I will win.
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I'm 156 pounds again, up a pound but my weight is fluctuating so much at the moment on a day to day / hour to hour basis I'm not seeing it as a significant rise, just a staying still and not losing anything. Bah.

But I've done 5 days on the trot with no sugar so that's good.

Still not well and not able to exercise, maybe next week I'll get back to yoga, at the moment all I can do is little walks.

well it's nice to check in with you gals anyway.

good luck to all of you for the week ahead.

Barb I'm so glad you had some quality family time, we need to give ourselves a break sometimes.

Trudie - special wishes to you, it's no fun trying to lose weight when not well, be nice to yourself, you're paying attention to it now and that's a wonderful thing.

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forgot to post my tracker, here it is
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Hey gals...looks like we've all had a tough week....lol.....

I managed to be down .5 lbs which is a miracle because like I said last week hubby's birthday and cake and then i took him out last night for dinner etc.....

I am wondering why my weight tracker now says "invalid BMI" Anyone ever have that happen??
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this was my first week and i'm down 3 pounds i'm over the moon but struggling with my chocolate craving.  trying so hard to stick to this aiming for another 3 pounds next week.  good luck everyone!!!!
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I found a way to help my chocolate cravings - I bought a light hot chocolate mix that you make with boiled water.  Tastes great and just 45 calories!  Sometimes I will go for a low fat fudgicle too.  I bought some of the 100 calorie snacks and my rule is I am never allowed more than 2 in a day.  It is helping.
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woo gillianl - way to go girl!!! off to a good start there. well done you.

I see you're in the UK, like me - check out Yogi Teas chocolate tea, it's got nothing bad in it at all and I've found it helps with my chocolate cravings. It's a bit of an unusual taste, let me know if you try it. i haven't eaten chocolate since I bought this stuff, 6 days and counting!!!

dmarie - I'm jealous of you having cake and lovely dinner out with your husband!
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Thanks guys, i was really bad last night with the chocolate cravings but i never gave in.  I'm going to step up the exercise this week as my partner is night shift so have plenty of time to do it.  Here's hoping for another 3lbs this week.

Best of luck everyone!!
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I'm down 2lbs. I weigh myself on Saturday mornings now, it's easier for me. Since "starting" back on my diet on 1/2/2010 I'm down a total of 11lbs!!!
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