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Sunday Weigh In

Time sure flies when we're having fun, doesn't it?  Or is it because I'm getting older??  Either way, we've made it through another week.  

I've not done too well again this week -- I'm up 0.8 pounds *again*.  I know it's still because I've had company and I have not stuck to my own eating patterns -- I've indulged in the home made barbequed ribs and mashed potatoes, gone out to restaurants to eat pancakes and syrup, fried fish and french fries, etc, etc, etc,,,,,   how could I possibly lose weight on that type of fare?? Not to mention that I haven't been walking every day, except at work; nor have I been doing other types of exercise.  Working, company, caring for my aunt, little comfort/support from home has left me very tired and  sometimes totally drained emotionally and not sleeping very well.  

I am down to only one extra person in my house - my MIL - and I'm at the point where I have to do what I can to get back to my own schedule.  I have a busy day ahead, which should keep me pretty much on the move, but I'm also going to try to get in a good walk this evening.  Oh, you know what??  I still have a Wii Fit II that hubby gave me for Christmas and I haven't even had time to open it yet.  Gotta see what it's like; maybe I'll get that worked in today as well.  

Well, now I've put all my "issues" at your feet -- whew, that's a load off my mind!!  Now, it's your turn --- go ahead and unload if you need to and we'll do what we can to help you get on track; or we'll applaud the tiniest little success you've had ----

Ready, set..........................................GO
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I have been waiting all excited for this post to appear. Im DOWN 2.8 lbs, it just goes to show how cardio exercise plays a big part in the weight lose,
We bought a wii at the weekend i love playing the tennis and i also got a get in shape fitness coach we are trying this afternoon

Barb im sure when you get back your house to yourself you will get back on track and get that wii out
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I'm still on 154lbs and I'm so unhappy today. I can't believe I can't seem to lose anything at all, I've just fluctuated up and down betwen 161 and 154 lbs since the start of the year.

I really thought I was doing so well, my appetite seemed much less this week and I felt like I've been really good, eating incredibly healthily. I've done almost a month practically sugar free. I know I'm not exercising because I still feel I haven't got the energy but I really did think if I just paid attention to what I was eating the weight would start to fall off. I feel really down today.  Really, really, really fed up. So much so I have a strong urge to get a load of chocolate and/or cake in to cheer myself up, but I will resist that urge.

I'm going back to work tomorrow after being off for 3 months. I am so scared because I thought I was feeling better and now I seem to be really tired again and I don't know how much of that might just be fear of failing at work and how much might be because maybe I am still too ill to go back. And I'm anxious about what to wear as lots of my clothes are too tight and I'm anxious about people seeing me and thinking I look fat and ill and maybe thinking of less of me as a result. My boss has left while I've been off and he was really undestanding, I don't know how it's going to go tomorrow at all.  I've doing a phased return so I'm only doing four half days tomorrow and working up to full time again over the course of a few weeks, if all goes well. Hopefully it will be fine but I am very anxious about it. I look like I'm pregnant and I hate that.

writing this has been a little bit cathartic, sorry to whine. i know I'm not massive and have lots to be thankful for, I just want to be slim and healthy and get on with my life and it all feels like it's eluding me at the moment.

Barb reading about all the lovely things you've been eating this week made me wish I'd be been eating them too! It sounds like you're having a really tough time at the moment and sometimes a little bit of indulgence is exactly what we need. I hope you get around to unpacking that Wii Fit and have some fun with it this week . I've heard they're great!
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Well, I'm down 2 pounds from last week. I am now going to up my points to 28 from 24 last week. I've been careful this week because I don't want my weight to go up before my goal date, which is my birthday on the 3rd. I'll just keep upping my points till I stop losing. I'm a little nervous because I'm going to go out for my birthday and I'm upping my points. I'm not sure what will come of this but I really don't want to lose much more weight.

Barb135 - I think elaine1961 is correct once you get your house back you'll get back on track.

elaine1961 - I'm glad your doing so well. We have a wii too but all I've played the last couple of days is Littlest Pet Shop. lol Good for you!
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forgot my tracker, here it is, basically same as last week.

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woo! congrats Elaine and Tigerlilly!
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You are not whining. These are real concerns for you and you have the right to be nervous about going back to work. I think what your feeling is quite normal but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Once you get there it will all go away.

As for losing weight, keep it up. Eating healthy will pay off. See what happens for next week. I usually have one week good one week bad. My body sometimes has a mind of its own. Once you get back to work you might also build up your endurance and be able to start exercising.

Good luck this week. I'll be thinking of you.
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