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Sunday Weigh-In March 3, 2019

Good morning... Goodness, another week has flown by and it looks like it's going to be another nice day, although they're forecasting a "cool down" for the next few days.  I'm embarrassed to talk about it with so much of the country still getting snow storms and below zero temps, so I'll just skim over that.  I talked to my sister in a northern state on Friday and it was snowing then.  At that time, the winds were calm but forecast to start blowing, which would mean hazardous driving conditions as the snow blows around.

Everything has been pretty good here.  It's been pretty quiet and we've been having almost summer weather, though as I said we're expecting a cool down and hoping we don't return to winter-like weather, since citrus trees have started blooming and other crops are planted and/or in full production.  Strawberries are beautiful this year so we'd hate to have those damaged.  :-)

Anyway. weight-wise, I've manage to lose a whole 0.2 lbs -  wow, I've impressed myself... lol  Seriously, I was hoping it would have been more, as I've really been watching what I've eaten, I've been doing my walks and other exercise, etc.  I'm just not sure what's happening, other than thyroid hormones being out balance again or cortisol levels being too high.  This happens when stress levels are high, so wouldn't be a surprise.  I'm due for blood tests later this month so we'll see what shows up.

This week (Wednesday and Friday), I'll be having the 2 procedures on my right leg so I'm sure my exercise routine will have to change, but I'm not sure exactly how.  I know I'll have to do some walking, but I'm sure I won't be able to do it in 2 mile stretches like I now do my morning walk with my neighbor.  I also won't be able to sit at my computer a lot, so will have to use my laptop more so I can sit with my feet/legs up.  I'm still pretty disturbed that the scheduling person made me wait so long to get this done because I'll have to wear the uncomfortable compression stockings with the heat we're having and that was the majority of the reason we were going to do the procedures earlier so we could get it done before it got hot.  I won't mince words if/when the subject arises.

So - how's everyone else doing?  I hope you've had great success in your journey this week...

I'm off for my morning walk... Our daughter and granddaughter, along with our daughter's significant other will be here later today, so I have my work cut out as I have to get some needed straightening done around the house as well.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi, I'm down, though it is only .4 of a pound.  I haven't been watching what I eat, but noticed a few times that I haven't been very hungry in the evenings, maybe that is what made the difference. One night I just skipped dinner and fed my husband and son.

Here the weather has been cold, we even had some snow last week (late for the Portland area, and flurries are forecast for next Friday). But it's been interspersed with some very clear, sunny days. Mt. Hood has been a knockout. You'll be driving along and turn to the east on a road, and suddenly here is a dazzling view of green, forested hills and white, white Mr. Hood, an eyeful. I've told my husband that if we can get a house in the neighborhood with a Mt. Hood view, I'm ready to move.

I'm still cleaning and sorting at the farm; with my sister gone, it's harder to deal with all the steps. For example, I sorted out some baby items to give to an acquaintance, but she lives a good hour across the metroplex, and given that I no longer drive freeways, she might as well live in Idaho. (I'm on the verge of just sending the darn stuff over to her in a taxi and having it be her problem to dispose of the extra things she doesn't want.) It's also become clear that me being able to succeed at the farm clean-up hinges more on not being alone than it does on actual cleaning. My sister would cheerfully go along with the lamest of errands -- we pulled out a cute, retro 1940s high chair that looked like it would be charming for someone to use to display antique dolls. Neither of us wanted to just throw it away or give it to the Goodwill (we were afraid the Goodwill would toss it due to liability concerns if someone put an actual baby in it). So one day when we went to grab lunch, we took it to the local antique shop to see if the guy would take it. If I had to do that kind of errand alone (or even with my husband, who said "For God's sake, just throw it away!" about his own father's framed college diploma) well, the high chair would still be in the attic, that's all. Anyway, he did take it, though you could tell he was a little embarrassed at the low price he offered us. But since our main goal was just not having it get trashed, we were delighted. It's great that my sister sees the world with the same pair of glasses. Now, I walk in and see the piles of stuff waiting to be sorted, and just want to leave again. It's difficult to even get one box sorted when I'm by myself.

Anyway, here comes my kiddo wanting my attention. Have a good week!

Your 0.4 lbs down seems quite good, considering the amount of stress you seem to be under with the sorting, cleaning and disposal of items you're undertaking at the farm.  That's quite a project.  

I understand what you mean about not wanting to toss things like the high chair or your husband's father's diploma... if nothing else, they should seem to have historical value - the high chair, probably more so than the diploma, simply because someone could use it more easily.

I've found that sorting things out has to be broken into small steps because looking at a closet/room full of "stuff" will make me turn around and walk away.  The simple act of telling myself that "it doesn't all have to be done today", is enough to get started, then opening one box/drawer, etc to "just look" is the beginning.  If that box is overwhelming, I can try another box.  That's what I had to do when I  sorted out my Aunt's house when she passed away 6 yrs ago and subsequently, my own house when I decided no one would ever have to go through the same when I was gone...

I go through the same types of dilemma, though - in fact, I just did with some of the antique pottery items I've collected over the years.  I've got them all sorted out and packed in boxes.  I did have them on my last yard sale, but nothing sold well, since it was too close to Christmas.  Anyway, I called one of the antiques stores in my area to see if there were any dealers that might be interested in buying them.  The lady I talked to said she was sure someone would be interested, but that I'd have to be there when the dealers were there and she had no idea when that would be.  The best she could tell me is that, often, there are several dealers there on Saturday, but that means I'd have to camp out on a Saturday in the hopes of running across dealers.  That's not really my thing.  I told her I'd photographed everything and asked if I could leave photos for the dealers to see; she informed me they had no place to display photos.  Wow - if I ran an antiques store, that's one thing I'd have is a large bulletin board so people could post items they have for sale, when, like me, they don't have enough items to make it worth while to rent a booth to sell from.  She also mentioned that if I did come wait for dealers that I shouldn't be insulted by the low prices they might offer since they might have to hold the items for some time before they sold.  I understand the concept - they buy at rock bottom prices, so they can make a profit; that's how it works...

I'm happy to report that I'm down by another 0.4 lbs this morning, too.  I'm off to get ready for my morning walk.  This will be the last one for this well, most likely, so it will be interesting to see what happens weight-wise without a daily 2 mile walk...

Good luck with your sorting - don't let it stress you too much.

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