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Sunday Weigh-In May 19, 2019

Good morning... Well, it's barely morning; I'm posting this typing this shortly after midnight and will get it posted as I won't be online at the usual time I post the weigh in.  My mother-in-law has been very ill and passed away this evening (RIP) so we will be leaving in a couple of hours to head out so my husband can help his siblings with arrangements, etc.  We've had our tickets for a couple of days and thought we'd get there before she passed, but it didn't work that way.  

My week has been busy trying to decide what to do, when to leave, etc - it's been pretty stressful for both of us.  Of course, eating healthy and exercise has not been at the front of my mind, but I haven't done so bad anyway.  I've eaten pretty well and haven't been very hungry, so my portions have been pretty small.  That helps considerably.  

I've also been going out in the evening, again, and doing a small walk.  I feel so much better when I do that and I sleep better too, even though I still don't sleep more than about 5 hrs/night. Of course, tonight it's going to be  no sleep, so it's a good thing I got a short nap this afternoon.  

I'm going to use the weight I was this morning, which showed me down a pound from last week, so that's good.  We'll see what I end up with next week.  I'm not sure I'll be getting much exercise this coming week nor am I sure what kind of food I'll be eating or how regular meals will be for the next few days.

So - that's my story.  I hope you had a successful week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful week~~
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Barb, I am so sorry to hear. It's never easy any time, but there just seems to be that time frame when we get past 50 or 60 where we just get over the passing of one beloved relative and then troubles begin for another. It's so difficult every single time, each its unique grief and set of circumstances, plus demands on those making the arrangements, and coping with the loss. I'm so sorry.


Thank you AnnieBrooke.  I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner.  It's been sort of busy making arrangements, etc.

Now, I've learned that a brother of my own is in the hospital in a city about an hour from where we are.  They think he might have congestive heart failure... just what we need.  Also a sister has been determined to have some sort of heart issues, but haven't heard what that problem is.  

When it rains, it pours - they say these things come in 3's but it looks like I'm getting it in 4, at least as I have another sister who recently had a kidney surgery...
Let's just hope it's not two sets of 3, or two more will be coming. Try to get your walks, at least, and keep your diet sane. Good luck.
I certainly hope it's not 2 sets of 3, but when I called a good friend today, I learned something had happened to her leg/knee and she had been unable to walk on her own.  She had just returned from the ER when I called her.  They hadn't been very helpful, telling her to rest until Thursday and if she wasn't better by then, they'd refer her to orthopedics.  My thought was that she should have been referred right away... That leaves one more!!  

It's SO cold up here - mid 40's compared to the upper 80's we left behind in FL and today there was a cold drizzle all day and about 40 mph winds - definitely not the type of weather that's conducive to walking.  I am trying to keep my diet sane though.   I offered to provide lunch, today, for the group of us that are here now. I don't have a way to cook, since we are staying in a hotel, but my brother-in-law offered to grill since I offered to provide the food... Yes, we can do this.  :-)
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Oh boy, I'm sorry to hear all this Barb.  Know my thoughts are with you.  And please don't worry about responding (unless you just want to), that's more pressure you probably don't need.  Hugs
Thanks Jade, I appreciate the well wishes.  It's great to know that I have wonderful friends here that care about me.  
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