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Supplements? Diet pills? Vitamins?

What to take! (IF ANYTHING!) I'm on a mission to change my lifestyle after just having a baby, I have about 40-60lbs to lose! Mentally I'm off to a good start, but have always been a "yo-yo" dieter... programs, pills, any and every thing I've tried it, and I'm young... I'm going to do it the "right" way this time, healthy eating and excercise, and stick to it. I strongly believe in tracking what you eat so I'll stick with this app! Along with eating healthy and tracking, I started going to the gym 3x's a week taking various classes, spin, work out classes, and sometimes use the machine. Are there any supplements and/or vitamins that I should or can take to boost my weight loss progress..
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I personally do not believe in supplements. A friend of mine swears by
   COQ10 300 mgs 3 times per day
   Green Tea Extract 100 mg 3 x day
Please check this out with your Dietitian. Or if you have any medical conditions. Ask your Doctor if this is right for you.   Pamela
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Many people have a junk food they eat every day that they don't even think about.  Often it is soda or other sugary drink.

Switch to water and unsweetened tea.  Coffee is okay, but not overboard.  We are built to eat vegetables as our mainstay.  Start using fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables as the backbone of your diet.  Variety and lots of color are important.  Try new things!  Use olive oil for your fat.  Limit starchy foods unless they have nutritive value, like sweet potato.  You can have a full plate if most of it is vegetables.  Have 2 or 3 kinds with dinner, for instance.  Use left-overs.  Make scrambled eggs for breakfast and add chopped precooked veggies.  Avoid cake, cookies, biscuits, and go easy with bread in general.  Limit cheese.  I use Go Veggie cheese substitute.  Avoid milk if you have indigestion.  Use whole fruit like an apple as your snack and don't eat anything else with it as the body digests fruit best when you eat it alone.  A cup of hot green tea with mint is a great substitute for a high-cal snack.  
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