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Tracking Calories versus Tracking points

Ok so I was doing the Weight Watchers point system and accourding to the WW point system I was going over my points everyday. When I started Tracking Calories with Medhelp I am under my calorie alotment for the day. I don't just mean a little under my calorie alotment but I eat like 500 calories less than what I am allowed for the day.

Which do you think is more accurate? Should I just use Medhelp? I do think the food tracker on Medhelp is easier to use.  Could my problem be that I eat to few calories?

Please feel free to look at my food tracker/food journal. Not sure what it is really called.
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Thank you for your question and for the invitation to look at your food diary.  There are several things I notice that I will share in the spirit of offering assistance.

1.  The MedHelp calories that are figured are to maintain your weight.  You must either cut your calories or increase your normal exercise to reserve 3,500 calories for each pound of weight you wish to lose.  So .. if your calories are 1,800 per day, if you reduce them to 1,300 a day you will lose approximately 1 lb a week.  If you exercise to burn 250 calories a day, additionally you will lose approximately 1/2 lb a week.

2.  If you provide me, either publically or through a PM, your height, weight, regular amount of exercise (inactive, active, very active) and age  (I have your gender) .. I can help you establish a goal that will work.

3.  Some days you are eating way too few calories .. 700 calories throws our bodies into starvation mode.  

4.  Eating only a few times a day can stall our metabolism.  I suggest you eat 3 small meals and 2-3 small snacks evenly spaced throughout the day to keep your metabolism functioning at it's highest level.

5.  How are you sleeping?  How many hours of rest are you getting?  It is crucial to get enough quality sleep.

6.  I believe the reason you are going over the WW points is the composition of the foods you are choosing.  Many seem to be on the starchy and/or processed side.  May I make a suggestion that you furnish us with a list of your 10 favorite things .. and let the community members respond and tell you some of the ways you can perhaps make a different choice to maintain the same flavors for fewer calories and implement a few more fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables.

7.  Remember this is a learning process ... one day at a time .. and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Love and HUGGGSSSS ....
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I looked at your Food Diary for the 17th. You only took in 777 calories. I added up in my head what you had for W.W. points and it was only about 14. That's about 10 less than your supposed to have. I've been doing W.W. points for a long time and every time I do a rough comparison it equals out to be about 50 cals per point. If you eat high fiber low fat you can have more calories and if you have high fat and low fiber you can have less calories. Are you using a slider? If calories is easier than do that. It all equals out to be the same thing, calorie restriction. I eat quite a bit.

fat free yogurt and fiber bar for breakfast - 4 points

whole can of split pea soup and blue corn chips with salsa for lunch - 8 points

4oz chicken breast w/ side of BBQ sauce, baked beans, veggie medley with olive oil and onion - 9 points

100 cal pack of popcorn and strawberries -3 points

24 points for the day.
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I'm back. Sorry it took me a while to get the kids squared away before I could get the calories up for you.

Breakfast - 220

Lunch - 440

Dinner - 452

Snack - 175

For a total of 1,287 calories and the equivalent of 24 points. I hope this helps.
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Sorry guys but I didn't get a chance to update my calorie intake for yesterday.

On the 16th I had 1482 calories on the 15th I had 1611 calories. I will update for yesterday as soon as I can.

I have been going off of 23 points for Weight Watchers but can no longer find my slider so I am going by the books to try and determine my points. That is probably my problem with WW.

I do agree that it is probably not how much I eat but what kinds of food I eat. I will try switching it up. I have a high will power so cutting foods has never been a big problem for me. I do enjoy chocolate so I have atleast one 100 calorie chocolate snack everyday. That is my weakness.....

Please keep giving me advice I do appreciate it.  
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There are W.W. points calculators on the internet. You can use that until you get another slider. Just Google it and you'll find one you can use. Once you get used to the points and the things you eat on a regular basis you can count without using a slider more than a couple of times per day. Good luck!
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What types of exercise are you getting each day?  Weren't you and your children riding bicycles quite a bit at one time - or am I thinking of someone else?  If I am, I apologize.  Exercise must be balanced out with your diet in order for healthy weight loss.  

If you keep your calories more on the side of the fresh/frozen fruits and veggies - at least 5 servings/day and make sure you get at least 3 servings of fat free dairy, either in the form of milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.  Also stay with the whole grains rather than white for bread, etc.  Make sure you watch your portion sizes, also.  
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Yep that was me and we haven't been doing that since the weather has been so HOT!!

With the weather getting cooler we will be doing our 2 mile ride again. I have been doing Tae Bo basic work out in the evening.

My problem might be that my diet isn't balanced enough. Can you help me with that?
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I took a quick look at a couple of days of your food diary --- I'm not seeing any fruit at all, an broccoli as the only vegetable.  On Monday, you did not eat nearly enough calories, on Tues, the calorie count was ok, but no fruit, and not nearly enough dairy.  

You need at least 5 servings of fruit/veggies per day and at least 3 servings of dairy.  You also need a mix of "good" fats, protein and whole grains as well.  

The type of cereal you are eating most likely has more sugar than you need.  You should try a sliced banana in it or some strawberries, blueberries, etc.  to get in some fruit.  Remember, whole fruit is much better for you than juice.  Also you might try adding in a salad for lunch and dinner - it would help fill you up without adding a lot of calories.....

You might try some of these suggestions as a start.  Remember, start slowly and take baby steps -- making one small change at at time.  You'll get there.........
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Thank you for your comment. I thought about what you said and that is correct I am not getting a balanced diet. I also looked up good fiber versus bad fiber and determined that I may have been eating a lot of bad versus good.

I started out the day with MultiGrain Cheerios with 2% milk sorry haven't gone shopping to get me more skim milk and then for snack this morning I went to the cafeteria and bought a package of carrots and ranch dip.

Is that a better start? Could you suggest a better if that isn't?

Please keep giving me ideas I will listen and try to do what you suggest.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "good versus bad fiber".  

Your change was great!!  Now add some fruit on that cereal, with maybe a slice of whole grain toast and you have it whipped.  Also, if you like eggs, you might try boiling several and stick them in the fridge.  When you get ready for breakfast, have a hard boiled egg, a slice of whole grain toast, a serving of fruit and one of dairy (glass of milk or carton of yogurt).  

I also found some things called "sandwich thins" - they are like a hamburger bun, only really thin.  I will sometimes hard fry an egg, and have it with a couple slices of Canadian bacon on a sandwich thin, with a glass of milk and if I don't have a serving of fruit with that, I'll have my fruit for a snack (apple, banana, etc).  

The sandwich thins also work great for lunch sandwiches, hamburgers, etc.  I buy the whole grain kind and they have 100 calories each, which is not bad......

You can also buy 100 calorie English muffins -- one of those with an egg or 2, milk, fruit.  

Be sure to change things around - remember is you do the same thing every day, your body becomes used to it .  This goes for food calories as well as exercise.  

I try to make breakfast one of my largest meals of the day, then a good lunch with just a very light dinner.  Experiment with what works for you as far as snacks are concerned.  I always want something mid morning, because I eat breakfast at around 4:00 am, so by 7:00-8:00 I'm hungry again and lunch isn't until 11:00 or 11:30.  If I eat a good lunch, I rarely snack in the afternoon, and only want a light dinner.  It works better for me to eat fewer larger meals; whereas it works best for some to eat small, frequent meals.

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