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Try It....Major Eye Opener!

I calculated my lean body mass today! For those that do not know, lean body mass is the weight of your body (bones, skin & organs) without body fat. The equation looks like this:

Body Fat in lbs. =
(Total Bodyweight) (Body Fat Percentage (in decimal form))
Lean Body Mass =
Total Bodyweight - Body Fat in lbs.

So I will use myself for example!
I weight 185 and my body fat % is 32.8.

So, (185)(.328)= 60.68
185-60.68= 124.32 lbs

Based on this, I have 60.68 lbs of body fat and my body without fat weighs 124.32 lbs!!!!
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Is that not amazing!  I'm a little nervous to do my own.....but I will have to include that in my updated plan that I'll be posted tomorrow.  Thanks for the calculation Cheyenne!  
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Your welcome....I really want to get into running, goal is a 5k by the end of this year, and a marathon by late 2010, early 2011! I really want this goal for myself and understanding lean body mass is important so I decided to do some research :-)
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Ah....Cheyenne is off to the races!  Once you do your first, you'll be hooked for sure!  I love them.  Gotta get a few pounds off so that the knees and ankles can take it, but I am looking forward to more 5k races as well.  
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OK Ladies .. I, too, want to do a 5K by the end of the year.  You two seem to be our resident experts!  Cheyenne is doing research to learn and Lucinda has run them!  

Do you two think you might want to make some community posts about this and see if we can get a "how to" program started?  

Besides .. I would seriously like to do this with you and perhaps you can put a call out for anyone else who might be interested!???

We could make some health pages along the way so we have them for anyone who wants to start at any time ... and ...

Perhaps we could work on meeting somewhere in the middle and doing a 5K together as our "treat"!!!????
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No problem!  Training starts in the Morning.....all runners and walkers are welcome!  
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Good Idea! I will do some more research, and see what I can find! Today is my anniversary so I will work on that tomorrow :-)
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