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Up and Down Journey

Oh my goodness I hate the way my body adjusts to weight loss.... thankfully because of the weight tracker I can see a patten, but it is so annoying that during the middle of my cycle (ovulation time) and the end of my cycle (period time) I gain weight fo a few days before seeing a weight loss a few days later.... It is very hard to stay motivated and focused when I am working so hard -  I am being very good with my calories, and my activity (I count steps) the last 4 days have been hot here so I expected a little fluid retention anyway let alone being in my ovulation weight gain period but it is still ahrd seeing the scales show higher each morning.

I know a lot of people disagree with weighing daily, but it works for me and it has helped me identify the patten of gain before loss.

My question is does anyone else always have this gain before loss?
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I have the same cyclical gaining and losing, but I don't see it to the degree you do b/c I don't weigh as often.

As long as the frequent weighing isn't discouraging you, its fine.  If looking at the scale every morning is frustrating you and making you obsess and feel bad, it might not be the strategy for you.

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OMG!  I go up at least five pounds before....I HATE IT!  My water retention is terrible.  I swell like a balloon.  You are not alone!
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hanks -  good to know Im not alone -  and no Peekawho I am not stressed by daily weighing thats why I tried in my post to empahasise that it is not a problem for me and not what I was looking for advice on -  I just hate the now predictable twice monthly weight gains despite trying so hard -  some women's graphs have alovely continual downward trend.... I want one of those lol.
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What exercising are you doing?  I don't see that marked on your tracker.  I'm assuming you are doing some sort of exercise?

Just trying to think of why you aren't seeing much movement.
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I dont mark the exercise on my tracker because I mainly use a trampoline ijump at home -  make sure I do my 10,000 steps through walking -  and do a few weights at home.

My big problem is hormonal and fluid retention  - I had the Mirena coil fitted 2 weeks ago to turn off my ovaries -  because they are hyper stimulated and my whole cysle is littered with problems.... But right now I am ovulating and my body is doing its normal fluid retention game! :(
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You can mark the trampoline jumping as aerobic exercise, and of course, there is walking on the tracker.

I had an epiphany today about using it as a planner that I commit to, just as I commit to other things.

  And your body is very clever about getting used to one type of exercise, and as time goes on, you will burn fewer and fewer calories by doing the same thing all the time.
Shake it up.  Do different things from time to time.  I have a jump rope that I use at least once a week...its hard, and very good exercise!  
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Right now I am concentrating on making sure I meet the 10,000 steps-  once I have increased my activity enough to reach that comfortably each day I will tehn start adding new activities.... Once my little one is back to school in September I will be off to the gym again.

I have my own database where I chart my steps and daily weight.... I have weekly targets...70,000+ for my steps and 12,600 or under for calories....

I like the weight tracker on here because it is a great visual stimulas for me -  tracking my activity wont help me -  but I love your idea for turning it into a commitment plan :)
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Well yesterday I saw a drop and today stayed the same -  if I follow suit tomorrow will see another drop....well I can hope anyway ;)
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I can't even bring myself to record my weight today.  I have to get my butt in gear over the weekend...I have to weigh in at WW on Monday!  Yikes!
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Remember your own advice -  next meal -  new start -  get back on track :)
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I can relate to how difficult it can be to deal with those disappointing weigh-ins.  For me, I started out losing weight faster than I can now, even though I am eating better and exercising more!  I try to take it as a good sign.  I know it is slower because I am getting to a bettter size, not because I am doing poorly in my efforts.

I only weigh myself 1/week.  I know around my cylce to expect to stay about the same, and it is sooo annoying, it makes me feel like all my work only counts 3/4 of the time!  But then I just look at my tracker and try to look at progress and goals from a long-term perspective.

You're doing great!  I know you say the daily weigh-in is ok for you, but please do be careful.  Sometimes a harmless habit can turn into a problem.  Even though that does not apply to you, it's still worth saying for others reading this.

I like that "next meal -new start - get back on track" thinking!  If I skip exercising, or if I have a 2nd helping, I have mini-pity parties!  I'll try to focus on "restarting," and not fearing that everthing is coming undone!

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It always annoys me how much easier it is for men to lose weight -  hormones have a lot to answer for - I have dieted in the past -  but this time it is about a change of attitude -  I am in it for the long hal, eating better and increasing my activity -  so if it only comes off at half a pound a week I am okay with it...

Love the mini pity parties comment - I can relate to that too lol
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