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WELCOME to the Weight Loss & Dieting Community!

Welcome to the Weight Loss & Dieting Community!

Let us embrace you with a warm welcome to MedHelp! How amazing it is to have a wonderful network of people to share your journey!  We are thrilled to have you as part of the Weight Loss & Dieting Community!

You'll find we are a very supportive and caring group of people who are just like you, and understand how your weight can affect every aspect your life. We understand you may be shy to make that first post ..it's ok we were all there once, too!  But keep in mind that no question is too big or too small; we are eager to help and believe the information provided here could be most beneficial to you in changing your lifestyle.

This community is comprised of individuals sharing their journeys to a healthier lifestyle through weight-loss, nutrition and exercise! They have amassed much knowledge, are motivational and inspiring.  Together, in this positive and friendly environment, we can help you find a path to a new and healthier you!  

We highly encourage that you use the trackers provided in your profile section, specifically the Weight Tracker (http://www.medhelp.org/land/track-weight-loss); which can be crucial to your success.    In entering your current data, it provides you with a chart to monitor your progress, allows you to establish weight loss goals, tracks your measurements and clothing size, and records your exercise and daily activities.  Using the Weight Tracker also gives you the ability to email it to your doctor as a point-of-reference before or during your appointment so he/she can see your progress.  Take a look at it – I guarantee you, you will start using it!

This group is all about teamwork and helping each other! We are sure you will love the periodic weight loss challenges that are no more than 3 weeks in duration.  We do this to provide brief periods of concerted effort where we pull together as a team to make lifestyle changes and reach small realistic weight loss goals. We believe there is always strength in numbers.

Here’s a link to an article on Weight Loss and Nutrition Myths FAQs  that you may find useful in answering many of the weight related questions. You can find it under the Health Pages on the right side of the community.  Here is the url http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Weight-Loss/Weight-Loss-and-Nutrition-Myths/show/399?cid=129

Your active participation in the group discussions is highly encouraged. We believe there is a direct correlation between your participation and your success.  Post to a current thread or begin your own. No matter what nutritional weight loss regimen you’ve chosen, we all work together to support and encourage each other through the group’s threads and hugs.

So, welcome aboard!  We're so happy you're here!!  It’s an honor and a privilege to share in your journey. Stay tuned and we will provide you with all the assistance and support to lose weight safely with friendship and compassion.  And, along with your effort, you WILL achieve your own weight loss success!

Sunshine wishes … and remember … we Believe in YOU!!!


P.S. - We want to make sure this community stays as helpful and supportive as it can be. So, If you ever have any ideas or comments on how this forum can offer even more help and support, or have any concerns or issues, please feel free to private message me.
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This is truly great.............Hope you can help us thyroid people, we can all use the help, thanks
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Am thrilled you are here and will definitely work to support you and those from the thryoid community.  We're all in this together!  ((Hugs))
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Tried to send you a note welcoming you and a message, however, your settings will not allow this.  So ... hope you see this!  :]

Welcome to the WL&D Community; thrilled you are here!  Sent you a friend request, which I hope you will consider as it is a way that I'll be communicating with everyone in a special event that is coming very soon.  Would also urge you to start the Weight Tracker and Mood Tracker as they can be essential in helping us in our weight loss journeys and provide the historical data that provides us with so much information!

Sunshines wishes ... and many (((Hugs)))
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Welcome bet643 to the WL&D CO we are happy to have you hear. you will find motivation and support from all of us

i wish you sucess in your weight loss journey
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I'm still having some problems with my settings that prevents me from receiving notes. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any sugestions?
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I hope I'll find a nitch in this support system! Everyone seems so friendly and willing to help.
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  My name is Bren. I used to be on medications for mental disorders and gained close to 100 lbs. I now take herbals.  I am trying to lose this weight in a healthy way and I was so thrilled to find you here.  I posted a suggestion for a tracker and Med Help gave me the link to this community.  I used to exercise everyday sometimes 2 times a day before I got pregnant with my 3rd son,  I want to get back into exercising and eating healthy I just have to be careful doing so.  I will try my best to give support to those here who want it. I know I too am going to need it. Just a push now and then letting me know i can do it the healthy way.  I have past problems with anorexia turning into bulimia. I do not want to go that route!  I was so sick back then.  I had lost 64 lbs that way but it was not good on my organs or my teeth. I was at my most 261 lbs. I had gotten down to 197 lbs. But have since gained more back.  I was on the 20th of this month 230 lbs and I am now down to 224.2 lbs.  I am looking forward to losing weight with others who understand what it is like.  I am going to start back exercising on Monday. I do not want to do the counting calories thing as it is a trigger for me to go to extremes and I need to try and keep from over exercising as well.  I kinda went nuts before with it and would do 400 sit ups a workout sometimes 2 workouts a day.  I want to get back down to about 160 lbs as long as i don't look to sickly at that weight. Thanks for giving me the chance to introduce myself.  

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Hello everyone!  My name is Lucinda and my darling friend Ranae said that this might be a place that I would enjoy!  I look forward to getting to know you all.  ; )
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HI Lucinda!! Welcome aboard! I'm Joy.  Ranae is right this place is awesome!! I have been here a month and I have lost 5lbs!! Everyone here is really wonderful!!
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Thanks Joy!  Congratulations on that 5 lbs!  
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I am at 204 lbs with a height of 5'6", I know I need to lose about 40 lbs, what is the most effective way to do this?
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Hi all...I have finally decided that 2009 will be my year for getting myself in shape--no excuses!  I weighed in at the doctor's today for my annual exam...305 lbs!  The biggest I have EVER been...and I am only 23.  While I have been overweight since I was about 6, I will not let weight gain get the best of me anymore.  The least I ever weighed was my sophomore year when I dropped from 235lbs to 170lbs over the summer through unhealthy means...starvation and 10 mile bike rides in the heat.  I know it is going to take some time, but I hope there are plenty of people to give me courage and strength to know that I CAN and WILL do this.  I am hoping to get down to 160lbs by May 2010, as I am going to be in my best friend's wedding.  That equates to about 2lbs a week.
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