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Want To Lose Weight Badly

I recently got off of my antidepressant, in which I gained 40 pounds on it.  I so want to lose that weight and be thin again.  Does anyone have any tips.  I have begun doing daily exercise, but I tend to eat at night, which I know is bad.  Is there a vitamin supplement or something that reduces hunger?
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Do this twice a day before eating.Check your weight before and after the exercise.Come back in three weeks and tell us.
Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for upto 30 minutes twice a day.(Max 60 min/day) Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.
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Thanks for the suggestion, but that is not an exercise I would like to do.
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Hi, Why not keep a chart and everyday that you succeed in your diet, give yourself a huge tick, another tick if you dont eat after 6pm and if you can get past the first three days of having stuck to your diet/exercies, then you will start to see results, feel happier day by day.  I would think that after a week you will see a huge difference.  My friends have all used the Mayo diet and seen wonderful results - there are a lot of eggs on it, so maybe it would be best to sometims substitute the eggs with a slice of plain toast.  Dont forget that everyday you succeed is an achievement and something to be happy about.  Hope this helps.
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Hi there!  Saw your post and thought I'd let you know that I feel for you.  Those AntiDep drugs can do a number on us weight-wise.  I don't know if you'd even be interested, but I had gone to a doctor's clinic here and was receiving B12 + Liptropic injections which for me (1) gave me energy and really seemed to help my frame of mind (which I know you'll understand if you ever took AntiDeps) and (2) helped tremendously in weightloss!
I searched the net and found a very reputable doctor in Georgia named Dr. Gates.  He has a website called.. MyDietSolutions.com.  I found that he also had the same type of injectable meds, for a fraction of the price and also had them in Tablet Form which I really liked!  They're really swell people and sooooo nice to talk to.  It's pretty amazing to find such a people-oriented site on the internet.  Just thought I'd throw this out there and maybe they'll be able to help you in your weight loss journey??
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Thanks for all of your comments.  I will see how this goes.
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How are things going?  Did you ever decide on a direction to go with?  Just wondering about you!
Have a great weekend!
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My family and I have taken the junkfood out of the refrigerator.  I am doing less eating after dinner.  Working out at the gym.  Eating less.  I am losing some weight bit by bit.
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Hey... the junkfood is a BIG step, hon!  I know what you mean there.  Once you get the family on board with your same vision, it is soooo much easier.  I don't have the problems with my kids, it's my hubby.  He's such a meat & potatoes man and Pepsi drinker, that it's hard to manouver around his eating habits without it almost being a pitfall.  But, honestly,now that he's seen how the injections are working and I'm not giving in to junk food and that I'm dedicated to walking everyday... he's starting to notice.  Wooo Hooo!!!!!
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Just thought I'd check on you and see how you were doing!  I finally broke through the stupid 170's... thought I'd NEVER see anything in the 160's LOL!!  Dang!!  But you know, looking back at the 189 that I was at... 167 is really cool!  I weigh in this weekend, so I'm excited to see what's happening!!!   I DO KNOW that I came down from a 141" waist line (was even larger before I started keeping tab.. ugh!) to a waist of 136" and still shrinking I know.  2008 looks pretty good so far!
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Now I'm DOWN to 165.8... I've lost 23.2 pounds!!!
Caitlin, if you get a chance you should look at Dr. Gates' website.. I'm amazed at how well I'm doing, and he is absolutely a doctor you can trust that's not just out there to make a buck.
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I hope things are working out for you.  I read all the comments above and I'm not much for the fad diets; nor am I interested in the expensive ones that require you to purchase special foods.  I've found a few things that work best for me.  One is not eating after 7pm.  If I find myself hungry late, I'll have either a small glass of milk or a large glass of water.  (Going out to dinner now & then is the only exception I give myself for eating late). I also took myself off sodas.  I try to drink only water, tea, lemonade...etc.  And when I eat...I STOP when I'm full. I try to eat breakfast every morning....and "snack" thruout the day...fruit, yogurt, trailmix....  You'll be surprised at how quickly it melts away.  If I have a LARGE lunch...I have a smaller dinner.  This really isn't "dieting" it's just making a change in my eating habits.
Again...Good luck to you.
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You are so right about fad diets... there's a reason why the first three letters in "diet" are "DIE".  They're dangerous.  
Great advice on not eating after 7pm, no sodas and stopping when you're full.  It's amazing how little we need to actually survive!!  I have also implemented 30 minutes a day working out on the treadmill and weights.  It's all about a Lifestyle Change and not about a diet.
I'm so glad I found Dr. Gates site because I, like a lot of other people that are losing weight, needed that extra energy that B12 provides.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease a year or so ago and the B12 definitely helps me.  I take some other things (like Lipotropics) that help support my liver during it all, since the Hashimoto's has kinda beaten my liver up.
Funny thing about it all is, the girl next door manages and LA Weightloss center and another does Nutrisystem... and they both struggle so badly with their weight.  I am so glad I can just go to the grocery store and buy regular food and just watch my calorie intake... and not have to count fat grams and everything.  There's such freedom in what I do!
Best wishes in your Lifestyle Change!
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