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Wanting to lose 40 lbs!

Hey all! My name is Ari and recently I have embarked on a goal to lose 40lbs by May 1st! ! I am only 5'1" and I weigh 145lbs. I am not large looking but I do have a chubby face and belly and my thighs are losing muscle and gaining fat so I really want to trim and tone my body. I think 105lbs by May is a reachable goal but I am looking for different recommendations on some things and for ideas on how to get there!

First of all, I work a full time job last goes from 4am to 5pm (or even later) so scheduling a gym workout class is extremely difficult so I have been looking into home programs... I have come across one called "Insanity" by beachbody. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried it and if you would recommend it? Was it a successful as it claims? Know of any other good programs?

Secondly, I am trying to change my diet but eating well is expensive. Do you have any money saving tips on how to shop healthy without breaking the bank? What kinds of foods have you eaten that keep you full and losing weight?

I am extremely dedicated to this and am really hoping to pull it off but it will take all the help and support I can get!

Thanks for your help! I am going to try starting this diet thing tomorrow!!!
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First of all, May 1 is only 2 months away and losing 40 pounds by then is not a reasonable goal.  Safe weight loss is approximately 1-2 pounds/week, therefore, a goal of 20 pounds is much more reasonable. Losing too fast is not good for your health, plus it decreases the chances of keeping the weight off. You need to develop lifestyle changes that you can stick with from now on; not just a temporary "diet".  

I've never used the exercise program you mentioned, so can't say whether or not it's good.  I have used Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss and it does work, as do other forms of yoga, Wii Fit (if you have one), etc. Or just dancing to your favorite music.

As for food - I used to go to the supermarket on my lunch break and buy a ready made salad for less than the cost of a bag of chips, candy bar and soda, or hamburger, fries and drink.  Buying ingredients and making your own salad is even less expensive.  I rarely spend extra for organic.

You should center your diet around vegetables, lean protein, low/no fat dairy, good fats, whole grains.  A loaf of whole grain bread costs about the same as a loaf of white bread in most stores. A box of whole grain pasta isn't much more than regular pasta. If you can't afford fresh veggies, opt for frozen over canned; you can often find frozen veggies on sale; the store I shop in, often has buy one, get one free, so I can buy extra, so I still have veggies even when they aren't on sale.

Additionally, portion size is a key, no matter what you're eating.  

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