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Weight Loss. Loosing Battle, Running Out of Ideas

I am hoping someone can help by either directing me to the right physician or tell me what helped them or helped others.

It really hurts when people in public comment on my weight but have no idea what I do to try loosing the weight but it isn’t coming off and just gets worse. I am in a battle and feel no mater how hard I try I am loosing. Please help.

It isn’t just physical it hurts me emotionally - Yesterday I mentioned I dressed up as Char for a party and someone said how could you she was skinny. The day before a friend called to tell me what to set me up with someone since they liked bigger women. People sometimes don’t invite me to do sports since they think I must not do any because of my size. Today after exercising a lot last week eating healthy I can not fit in my size 14 pants. I am the most athletic out of all my friends but am the heaviest. Sometimes I exercise at home for hours, or go to the gym in the middle of the night when it isn’t crowded, don’t go on dates, avoid social actives in big groups because I am to embarrassed how much I gained. And hurt people treat me like I am not trying to loose the weight. I can’t tell you the amount of men who have nicly turned me down saying you are awesome but if you were any skinnier,

All my life I was skinny until my early 20s when overnight I started gaining five pounds a week no matter how hard I tried to keep the weight down. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Immediate I kicked into not eating crabs and keeping sugar low. But weight keeps on coming and I have super difficulty loosing it. Sometimes I loose 8 pounds but it comes back. Again Please help.

Height 5.9 Current / Weight 173.3 / Age 33

My Diet

- Consist or veggies, fish, meat and fruit. I try to eat an anti diabetic life style since a lot of PCOS women are susceptible to diabetes

- I limit my fruit juice intake

- I limit my high sugar veggies and fruit intake such as I don’t eat to many carrots.

- I haven’t ever had coffee

- I don’t drink caffeinated tea

- I haven’t drank soda since 14

- I watch my carbohydrate intake. I keep no bread or crackers or rice in the house.

- I watch my fats, I keep no butter, or mayonnaise in the house

- I eat rice only with sushi, eat Indian or Chinese with no carbs

- I limit my salt intake, some weeks eat a diet without salt

- I limit my sugar intake

- I hardly eat processed foods, everything is done from scratch

- I don’t eat much red meat.

- I eat breakfast, mostly veggies or fruit

- I drink socially (approximately 2-3 drinks a month)

- I don’t drink or eat anything from anything that has number 7 recycling number

-Desert I eat frozen blue berries

-I try to eat a lot of anti oxidant, nutrient rich roods: artichokes, spinach, blue berries, pomegranate, bitter melon, papaya,

-With meals I generally drink hot water with lemon

-I have yogurt to keep my Ph balance


-Easily one to two 4 hours hikes a week

-3 mile walk on flat ground one to two times a week

-Swim Laps Hr one to two times a week

-Mountain Bike 45 minutes one to two times a week

-Rowing Machine 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week

-Station Bike 40 minutes 2 to 4 times a week

-Also –play golf, sail, garden, pulling weeks vacuum


- In an Expanded Chemistry Profile (blood and stool) everything is normal except Cholesterol is slightly high but in healthy range, and missing some enzymes but now take them orally and still haven’t lost weight.

- Thyroid Screen in normal range / T-3Uptake 32.0 /  Total T-4 5.8/ Free Thyroxine index 5.3 / TSH-Ultra Senstive0.880

PH- Range good sometimes slightly acidic

Vitamins and Minerals I take

Chromium, Calcium Chelate, Magnesium, Pancreatin, Proteolytic Enzymes, Raw Pancreas Enzyme, Vitamin B Complex, Niacin, Lioptropic Factor, Vitamin C, C-enzyme Q, germanium, Vitamin E

Oh and those Jenny Craigers – I ate their food for two weeks and gain 8 pounds.

I live in Mountain View, California

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