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Weight Loss on Wellbutrin

I am a 55 yo white male who suffers from depression and moderate anxiety/ADD.  Have been on Wellbutrin 300 XL for the last 5 yrs.and went from 223 to 158, waist size 40 down to a 32 (haven't been 32 since teen ager).  In addition I take Requip for restless leg syndrome and AndroGel for hormone replacement (very low testosterone).  I think that those 3 meds have contributed to the weight loss.  I am not complaining, but when ppl ask me if I am well they say that I am lying as I look very thin, from what I used to be.  That is a slap in the face.  Imagine someone thinking that you have G-d forbid cancer, with the significant weight loss.  Oh well just wanted to add my comments to the board and if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to respond.
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Yes, some people thought I was bulemic when my gallbladder went bad and I was vomiting every morning for six months.  Then when I had the gallbladder removed, next it was Celiac disease keeping my weight down.  I'm 5'6" and got down to 108 lb.  Even now, 2 years later, I'm only up to 117.  I realize I look a bit gaunt when my weight is lower than this, but I could not gain weight until my tract healed.  People are just jealous I suppose.  I can eat 2000 calories a day just to maintain.  Not my fault.  It's hard to do when you can't eat gluten.  
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u don't give your height so all else means NOTHING, but if u want to give your height and your weight 2 ys ago, 5 yrs ago, 10 yrs ago, 15 yrs ago then u could contribute to the conversation
and maybe there would be suggestions for u

TO; CARYOPTERIS; i assume u r female, is this right?
your weight might be very slim; HOW OLD R U
what is your exercise daily, weekly
here is a suggestion; go to vitamin store; buy Pro-biotics , enough to take 100 billion cultures daily x 2 wks, then stay at 50 BILLION daily for a few months
drink only tap water, no soda, etc
WHAT did u eat and drink in the last 14 days? (everything in detail)

good luck to u BOTH
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Why so rude?   I think Chazzunusmaven and Caryopteris were merely commenting that they'd lost a lot of weight and because of that, people automatically think they are ill or have an eating disorder.  This same thing has happened to me, and they are right - the first thing people think is that one is sick; not so!!  

  I didn't get the impression that either of them were even looking for "suggestions"...   Some people who are thin, have problems just like those of us who are overweight; this forum is for anyone with weight related comments.
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