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Weight Watchers meeting upset me and made me want to turn to comfort food!

I went to the weight watchers meeting in my town last night and when I walked in the lady took my book and then said okay $12. I said no my mom prepaid 10 weeks for me for my birthday. They said we don't have record of her paying for you. She paid for herself ten weeks. I said no that ten weeks was for me. After much arguing, I finally said fine give me my book I will make sure she gets a refund for the weeks left and I won't be back. The leader stopped me as I was leaving and said no you can use the coupons since she won't be using them. I remember her saying she couldn't make it because of her job but knows you would like to attend.

I went back in to weigh in and stay for the meeting and the chic at the register was very rude snatched the book out of my hands and rudely said is this it aren't you going to get any products. I said no I already have the ones I want. I got them at wal-mart this weekend. She did my weight and didn't even congratulate me on my 1.2 lbs loss. She was like well you lost 1.2 lbs. Like it was not good enough. Then I set at the only seat available which was by there table and I could hear the ladies whispering about me most of the meeting. About how they know my mom didn't pay for me and I was participating for free. The meeting leader was even a little hateful towards me the rest of the night and wouldn't look at me through the whole meeting.

I felt so unwanted and like I was a nothing sitting there last night. First I was pissed then I just wanted to cry. I ended up going home and getting into the brownies that I bought for the kids. I probably ruined my 1.2 lb loss last night. I do feel better this morning and am back on track but I don't know that I will go back to a meeting again. I feel guilty though because my mom paid nearly $300 for the books and the 10 weeks for me. What would you do?
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First .. GREAT BIG GENTLE HUGGGSSSS to YOU!!!!  I am soooo sorry you were treated with such disregard and without care and compassion.  

That said, I am SOOOO PROUUDDDDD OF YOUUUUU!!!   YOU, my dear, have accomplished SOOO MUCH in a day!!!  You faced your fears and went to a WW meeting.  You stood up for yourself.  You participated when the chips were down and when it didn't feel comfortable.  You did fall off and return to emotional eating .. but that is what we have to continue to work on .. and YOU did AMAZING with that as well!!!  You did not let it derail your efforts .. you're looking at today as a new day and feel better this morning.  Best of All .. YOU REFUSED TO QUIT!  

Do YOU really realize how far you've come and how determined you are!!!  Coming and posting this in the community is HUGE!  You own it, you shout it out and you are moving forward to make your dream a reality!  YEAAHH YOUUUUU .. YOU ROCK!!!

My mom taught me to not let other people's behavior dictate mine.  So .. my advice .. go back to the WW meeting and adjust your attitude before you go.  Decide that you are going to go and glean the very best information you can from the meetings and go there with the biggest smile and full of enthusiasm.  Those that are weighing you in do not have to jump up and down that you lost 1.2 lbs (they should mind you .. but don't let that determine your behavior ... YOU JUMP UP AND DOWN and SMILE.  Let them see YOU happy and excited and don't let them dampen your mood.  Try this a few times and see if YOUR mood changes theirs!  It can be our own private little experiment.  

Now .. if it truly goes south for 2-3 weeks, then talk to your mom and see what she suggests.  My thoughts were to try and glean the information, have fun despite any unanticipated reactions from WW staff .. and allowing you to gain the benefit of the books and classes your mom has paid for.  DO NOT let those meetings derail your efforts.  If the choice is between attending class and derailing your efforts vs not attending class and staying on your journey .. then stay on your journey.

Either way .. the Support and assistance is FREE here on MedHelp .. so you're not alone!  We're here for you, PROUD of your efforts!  Please keep in touch and let us know how it's going .. we truly do care!
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Ohhh .. and BTW .. you can check out your area and see if there is another WW group that you like better.  Forgot to mention that earlier.  :)
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Thank you and I did mention this site to a couple of the other ladies in the room that seemed to be struggling as well. I told them that without this site I couldn't vent and get the support that I have. Everyone here makes every pound seem like a major deal. I like that. When I am down for only losing a pound people on her make me feel happy that I lost that pound.

Heck even when I was putting myself down for only losing .8 pounds Barb made me feel like that was a huge accomplishment and how proud I should feel for losing anything.

Thank you again for all the support everyone here on WL&D Medhelp.
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Thank you for being here and for the honor of referring your friends.  There is strength in numbers and you and your friends can make some special connections with each other and throughout the entire community.

Please don't ever forget that losing ANY weight .. 1/4 lb .. is ALWAYS a step forward and something to be Proud of!  Heck .. sometimes holding steady is the week's accomplishment OR getting back on track and not giving up after having gained a pound .. ALL OF THESE are accomplishments that we should be proud of!

Hope you're off to a Wonderful Day .. filled with sunshine!  Each day brings new possibilities, new adventures and new opportunities to move forward and be the very best we can be.  

Thanks again for being here .. :)
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I am shocked! I am seriously gaping at what I just read. You cannot go back there. All they needed to do was call your mom and talk about it with her, no problem. My advice to is to speak with someone in charge of those women and explain what happened. They cannot treat people like that. Did they talk to anyone else like that?

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I hope, like Ranae said, that you are proud of yourself for getting back on the wagon!  That's a major step you might NOT have taken if you were not part of this community.  It really IS different having the support we give to each other.

I admire you.  Hang in there!  And, you are right.  We DO thing even a pound is a major deal!!!  

I guess supporting each other is what we do best  :o)  

Be good to yourself, just NOT with any more brownies this week!!!
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Hey there - you've done such a great job since you've been on here and I sure don't expect you to give up at this point just because of a bunch of rude women.  

You have to do the weight loss thing for YOU and not for anyone else.  You know your mom paid for you to go and I'm sure they do too.  Please don't let them keep you from going back.  If you really don't feel that you can go back, maybe you could take Ranae's suggestion and see if there is another group you can join - or maybe see if the membership can be transferred to an internet group.  

Everyone else has already said what I would have said so I won't repeat it all, but please don't forget that a loss of any amount is a huge accomplishment or even just holding steady is ok and of course there will always be those times when a pound or two creeps back on, but keep on trying.  

The biggest accomplishment of all is not giving up and I don't think you are going to do that.  Be PROUD of yourself and your accomplishment.  
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First things first.....Way to go!!! Congratulations on your weight loss!!!  

Now...How terrible of them to treat you like that....and before you feel bad for even one more second....those women made themselves look unkind and uncaring in front of the meeting while you looked calm and self confident.  So you ate some brownies...you got back on program and that's the important part.  I'm proud of you   :)

Next....Call 1-888-3-FLORINE.....you can report your experience to someone....or go online at www(dot)888-3-florine(dot)com and take the survey (enter your sticker # so they know which meeting) about your meeting.

Finally....keep up the good work and have a great week!!!!    :)

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Thank you everyone for helping me out. I am proud of my accomplishment so far and very happy that I am steadily losing. Matter of fact last night me and the kids went for a bike ride and ended up going 2 miles on our bikes. I was pouring sweat when I got home but gleaming with joy. I wouldn't have been able to do that in the past.

dai3symae-- Thank you for the information. I will report that meeting.

To everyone else I will continue to go to the meetings for at least the weeks my mom paid for gain as much knowledge as I can and not let them get me down. I am there for me not for anyone else!! If they don't like that oh well. I am losing weight so that I am healthy and will be around to watch and share my life with my kids. I love that I can run with them and not feel overly tired.

I do however need to go back to the dr and get another inhaler. I was wheezing by the time we made it back yesterday and had to have my dad bring me his inhaler. I haven't needed one in a long time but I haven't exerted myself like that in a long time either
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You go girl!!!  You hang in there and do what ya gotta do and do it for YOU and your kids.  I'm proud of your spirit.  

Wow - I don't know if I could ride a bike 2 miles!!  Well maybe if it was downhill.  lol
Great job.  
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PLEASE .. go directly to the doctor for another inhaler BEFORE you exercise.  Exercise can induce asthma / breathing difficulties and you do not want to be caught without your regular inhaler and rescue inhaler.  Be sure and let the doctor know you are exercising and that you have some wheezing so he/she makes sure you have the proper prescriptions.  

So happy to hear the sparkle in your post and see the pride and self confidence you are gaining.  Very well done on the exercise, including the kids, your decision to go to the meetings (and report the one that was unfriendly), and to continue doing this for YOU and your family!  Talk about Dreaming, Believing and Achieving .. YOU ARE DOING IT!!!   Congratulations!!!  
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I am so proud of your determination!  There is not an ounce of quit in you!  Rock On!  

Sometimes the reactions of people can be dissappointing for sure, but I guess it would not be exactly proper to tell you what my Grandpa used to say....something along the lines of not "letting the you know whats get you down."  You just keep on keeping on with your program.  You are doing a fantastic job!  

Having asthma myself, I definitely agree with getting your inhaler refilled pronto.  I absolutely must use it before each and every workout session (in my case usually jogging) and occasionally during as well.  Not being able to breathe optimally is definitely nothing that one wants to experience if at all possible.  When your regular dose is not doing the trick, whether that be due to increased exercise or what have you, definitely be sure to mention this to your doctor as well.  This will assist them in getting you on the proper levels to keep your breathing going well.  Good breathing = much easier and definitely safer exercise sessions.  (Take it from the goofball caught in the middle of a 5K with severe wheezing and no inhaler....very bad scene that I hope No One will repeat!  Haven't left home without it again since.)  : )

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