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Weight loss > disoriented?

Hi all,

I started jogging 3/week and eating substantially less after a bout of anxiety (my appetite was reset) about a month and a half ago. In ~3 weeks, I had lost around 13 pounds! I feel much healthier, but I also feel slightly disoriented - like my body is light, and like I'm overcompensating in my movements. I'm not stumbling around, but it's still noticeable, especially when I haven't had much sleep. Is this usual with rapid weight loss? Will my brain readjust?
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Its more likely to be the lack of sleep than the weight loss-   but you could maybe get your blood sugars checked out- as early diabetes can cause the feelings you described... 13lb in 3 weeks is a lot to lose though -  normally you would expect 3-5 the first week when your body gets rid of excess fluids and then 1-2lb a week so 9lb is the max you should really be seeing come off in the first 3 weeks.

Are you eating a balanced diet and drinking enough fluid as you are exercising too. Make sure you are getting enough energy to your muscles if you are using them more than usual.

It is worth keeping a food diary and seeing for yourself just what you eat and how much of it you are eating.

Good luck with your weight loss journey :)
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The disorientation is also know to be caused by a diet that's very low in carbohydrates, like Whatawoman72 said keep a food diary and make sure your carb and calorie intake isn't too low.

Good luck :)
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I agree that a weight loss that rapid could cause some disorientation.  You have to have enough food to feed your entire body, including your brain.

13 lbs in 3 weeks is way too drastic.  
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