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Weight loss after pregnancy

Hi guys, im new here and really need your help. Currently Im pregnant and gained a lot of weight. From 113lbs to 140lbs!!! I was really shocked when my doctor told me how much i gained weight. But she assured me it's normal. but the truth is, im beginning to loose confidence in myself because of my body.  My husband tried to uplift my spirit by telling me that my weight gain is fine with him. But i really want to loose all this excess weight as soon as possible. can u please give me tips on how i can loose weight even if im pregnant without affecting my baby. and what are some ways i can loose weight after i give birth? Im due next month already. what are examples of food that i can eat without adding to my weight?
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If you are due next month don't worry about losing weight now; just focus on not gaining any more weight. Once you have delivered your baby and recovered from the delivery then you can start exercising and getting yourself in shape. I wouldn't suggest dieting now either but eating healthy is a great way not to gain more weight.

Enjoy this experience and don't worry about anything else. Your life will become even more wonderful in a few weeks and you have so much to look forward to.
Good luck with the delivery.
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I agree with the above poster, pregnancy is not the time to diet.  I remember my OB/GYN would tell me that walking was a good (safe) excerise to do while pregnant and to eat fruits and vegetables.  If you plan on breastfeeding that is also suppose to help with post-pregnancy weight loss.  Just try to take it easy and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.    
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You are do next month honey, it's ok to be a little Ms. Piggy, im sure your adorable!!! You dont want to walk to much, or do to much to cause you to go into labor earlier then expected. Water aerobics is your best friend when your withchild. I was one of the ones who didn't gain much wait pregnant, and actually lost 15lbs with my second child. However, I am one of the UNLUCKY ones who gained allll the weight after birth. I weigh in right now, the same thing I did when 9months pregnant with my last child. My advice is, dont worry now, worry later. As soon as you have your beautiful bundle of joy, HIT THE GYM, that is of course after your 6weeks. during your six weeks, you can do small excercises, but be sure to watch what you eat!!! VERY IMPORTANT, to let your body know, that FAT isn't suppose to be hanging around lol..and Good Luck and CONGRAD's
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Toward the end you start to retain water. The first week after delivery for me I lost 20 pounds. The rest I had to work at. Weight gain is ONE of the sacrafises we make to have children.

You sound determinded so keep up the determination and you will get the weight gain off in no time.

If you try to loose weight while pregnant you can really harm the baby
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I agree with everyone above. You never know how much you lose right after birth. Just take it from there. I gained 25 pounds during pregnancy and of those probably 5 within a day before I gave birth. All the water retention. Afterwards I lost 20 pounds and another 6 or so through nursing and walking but while I was nursing, I lost everywhere except that spare tire around my waist. It seemed that nursing was only possible with fat storage in that area. After I stopped nursing, the spare tire disappeared for a while but I was so used to burn those extra 500 calories per day through nursing that my eating habits were not adjusted yet - and combined with being extremely sleep deprived through baby and work for years, I suddenly found myself two sizes larger than ever before. It just crept on. That might be the real danger of post-baby weight. I got rid of all this recently through vigorous exercise. Just wanted to point out that there are different cycles before and after child birth to watch out for that may or may not trigger weight gain. Whatever you gained now is really normal, so don`t worry about it.
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you will lose the wieght.  just enjoy your pregnancy and your baby.  don't stress about it all you can do is eat healthy and embrace the moments ..... they go so fast!
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