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Weight loss and exercise advice.

I'm 16, 185cm, 93kg. I need to start losing weight but I'm not sure how to start or which plan and program to follow. I'm completely lost. I don't want to go gym either because I'd much rather prefer doing it from home. Have any advice on how to do it? My end goal is to bring 80kg
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Hello... are you still here?  We don't really decide on plans or programs for anyone to follow; that's a decision you have to make, based on your lifestyle, what you like to do, eat, etc.  

Since you're 16, I assume you still live at home and your parents, most likely buy the groceries and do the cooking.  You should talk to them about your desire to lose weight and ask them to make sure there's healthy food available for you to eat for meals when you're at home and for snacks.  Meals should include lots of veggies, steamed or roasted, to help maintain the most nutrients.  Some veggies can be eaten raw; others aren't meant to be eaten raw because they're hard to digest.  Most veggies can be eaten in unlimited portions unless they're smothered in creamy or buttered sauces, etc.  You can use herbs and spices to liven them up.

A healthy eating plan should also include lean protein, which can be in the form of meat, fish, eggs, beans, etc, along with healthful fats such as coconut and olive oils, avocados, nuts, and seeds, etc, and some fruit.

Exercise should consist of whatever you like to do to stay active.  It can be playing a sport, going for a daily brisk walk, riding a bike, swimming (if you have access to a pool, lake, etc), lifting weights if you have them.  You can check out YouTube for videos that will show you how to use your own body weight to build muscle.  The possibilities are as varied as your imagination.  Just pick something you enjoy so you'll stick with it.  Anything is good, except sitting on the sofa watching TV...  ;-)

Sodas and sugary snacks should be eliminated or severely limited.  I've seen people lose quite a few pounds in a short time, simply by switching from sodas to water to drink or switching from candy bars to apples, carrots or celery with peanut butter for snacks.  Try to limit white bread, pasta and rice, instead opt for whole grain versions; of course, this is something you'll have to discuss with your parents/guardians or whoever buys your food.  If you have no choice, cut back on the portions.

I hope this helps get you started.  Good luck
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And keep in mind, intake should be less than outgo. The calories you eat or drink should be less than the calories you expend in activity. Find something you like that gets you moving (try some dancercise or dance how-to videos for fast dances if exercise videos are too unmotivating) and just move a lot. And get a calorie-counting book or find a calorie-count website, and really measure how high the calories are in one day of eating. (For example, eating a serving of potato chips requires a person to walk a half hour, to expend more calories than they just took in. Look in your diet for sneaky things that seem innocuous but are packing on the calories.)

Also, talk to your doctor. They often have dietary guidelines that are printed as a sheet or booklet, and can start you the right direction.

Good luck! Keep moving!
Are you still here, poster?  Lean protein seldom means meat, unless you know about eating buffalo and venison and other meats most people don't eat and don't know how to prepare so they taste good.  And calories, again, are not the main gauge of proper eating -- how quickly food is metabolized into sugar is, which is why Barb recommended what she did and to cut out what she recommended cutting out.  But your confusion is because when it comes to proper eating, we're all confused.  Different people do respond differently, so some homework -- there are a million books out there on nutrition and a lot of long-term ongoing studies on what types of diets overall do the best long-term both for health and for health -- and experimentation are going to be necessary, within the general truth that whatever diet you have needs to supply the nutrients the body needs to do what it does in every way, not just for weight loss.  As for exercise, nobody has to go to the gym -- but everyone does need to move.  This can be just walking and bicycling to the places you go rather than driving, something the long-term studies find to be one of the most important factors in weight.  Because modern life is so often sedentary both at work and at home, this is what makes exercise more important and why so many people do it, but it isn't necessary.  
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