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Weight loss plateau

Please help!
I am 16 years old, 5'7" and 137 pounds. My goal weight is 130-128 pounds. I have been working out 2 hours (1 hour cardio+ 1 hour strength training) every day for a little over the past month and so far I have only lost 2 pounds. My weight has gone down to 136 but always goes back up to 137 after a couple days. I watch my calorie intake very carefully and consume 1800 daily, only eating healthy, non-processed foods (fruits, veggies, fish, brown rice and only complex carbs) plus Kashi products and make sure to get around 110g of protein and over 100% RDI fiber daily. What am I doing wrong??? D:
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do you give yourself any rest days? you shouldn't be exercising every day. your body needs to recover from all that hard work. recovery is very important. your body needs those rest days to rebuild muscles or basically just recover from the activities. also, make sure that when you do exercise that you mix it up a bit. you don't have to exercise 2 hours every time you work out, 7 days a week. sure, some days can be 2 hours, but other days, maybe just 45 mins to an hour. just be sure to mix up the intensity to maximize your time, doing some low intensity workouts follow by some high intensity workouts. and again, don't do the same exact exercises. say one day you run for 30 minutes (w/ intervals) and do 30 mins of upper body strength exercises. the next time, maybe bike or swim for 30-45 mins and then 30 mins of lower body strength exercises. some days, just focus on strength training while others only strictly on cardio activities. whatever it is, be sure you mix it up. and most importantly, give yourself rest days. it doesn't hurt to have 1-2 rest days in between exercise days. good luck!
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Thank you for the tips, no I wasn't giving myself any rest days. I switch up my routine from working on toning/strengthening legs, abs and arms and different cardio. Thanks so much!
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In addition, make sure your calorie intake is proper for you.  You aren't overweight to begin with.  

You are still developing, therefore, you must be kind to your body. Balance calorie intake, with exercise and make sure you get plenty of sleep.
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