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Weight loss solution...

Hello friends,

I am facing Obesity problem, my BMI is above 35...i have heard about lap band surgery...is it good solution for weight loss also gone through few resources like http://www.freelapbandsurgery.com or something else. Please give me your opinion.

Thanks in advance.
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When I started my weight loss adventure my BMI was in the same area.  I'd really encourage you to try doing this the old fashioned way first.  Use a web site that will help you calculate and track your calories (MedHelp has this coming soon) and determine what range of calories you should be eating.  I am 5' 3" and was 196 when I started.  I eat between 1200 and 1550 calories per day.  I have lost 17 pounds since June and have another 30 to go.  Start with some mild exercise - walk 30 minutes a day.  Use the weight tracker and exercise tracker here on MedHelp and visit the Healthy Cooking forum for some great tasting and healthy recipes.  The team here will support you wholeheartedly.  You can do this!
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Impossible is Nothing! Believe in yourslef and try sticking to your goals.
People in this community like Trudie is a fine example of courage and determination.
Like many people in this forum she follows the good old way of losing weight. Yes exercsie and healthy eating is the way to go..and it is something that you will be able to implement throguh out your life. If healthy living is in your dreams then making a reality is totally possible. Keep your eyes on the target and be sure to particpate int the forum!

Good luck and let us know if there is anything you need!
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Welcome to the WL&D Community; we're thrilled you are here!  When we are faced with a high BMI, we sometimes think of every way imaginable to implement a quick fix.  However, just as we gained it pound by pound over time, that is the same way we need to lose it .. it is healthy and sensible.  

When I began, my BMI was 53.3, which was frightening.  Rather than being overwhelmed, we need to begin implementing small changes that, over time, net large results.  

Start moving and do whatever exercise you can in a day.  Record it in your exercise tracker here on MedHelp and then the next day strive to do one minute more.  Keep doing this consistently and you will increase your exercise stamina, your muscles will respond and grow and the weight will start coming off.  

In addition, start making some healthier choices in food.  Don't worry about being perfect and always making the right choices, that is not realistic.  You may wish to remember to choose baked and roasted foods rather than breaded and fried.  Implement fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables but be sure to make healthier selections (like packed in it's own juice or lite syrup rather than heavy syrup) and watch the type and amount of toppings you put on your vegetables.  The more natural, the healthier.  This does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor.  

Then, stay in tune on a regular basis with this community.  TrudieC and Skailark are but two of the knowledge, caring and compassionate members of this community who are here to support, encourage and help you along your journey.  

How do I know this works?  I've done it and my BMI is now 28.4.  

Why would I suggest this over lap band surgery?  Lap band surgery may help in a life threatening situation.  However, I would ask you this.  If we do not address the emotional relationship we have with food and the reasons why we overeat .. then aren't we doomed to continue that after the initial success of the lapband surgery?  Our stomachs will stretch again even after that procedure.  

That is the reasoning that kept me from choosing that route and the reasons behind selecting a lifestyle change.  Hope you'll join us and wish you sincere best wishes for your health whatever your decision.  Please know, as a community, we will support your decision either way.

Many (((Hugs)))
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My father is morbidly obese.  He was over 400 lbs. and only 5' 9".  Because they can't do much surgery on him because of his weight, high blood pressure and heart, they tried doing the inflated balloon thing in his stomach.  He did not change his habits and his stomach just expanded to account for his increased eating.  He has now lost about 100 lbs. but that is now due to diabetes issues.  I do encourage you to try changing your habits with support before going the surgical route.
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I agree with what the rest have said.  You will get a lot of support and encouragement here.  I'm quite new to this community, but I find that it really helps me be able to participate in the roll calls, etc - it helps keep me accountable for my choices.  I don't like to have to get on here and admit that I didn't do something I should have (or did something I shouldn't have), but in order to make it work, that's what I have to do, so I do my best to "behave".  

One thing you don't mention is whether or not you have any medical problems (diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, etc) that need to be addressed, along with the weight problem.  Please make sure to get your dr's blessing for any diet/exercise program you decide to undertake, but any dr will give their blessing to healthy eating and exercise.  

I tend to be my own worst enemy, so have to keep reminding myself that I can't be perfect all the time (or even most of the time).  I put on most of my weight while waiting for a thyroid disorder to be diagnosed, so it did come on relatively quickly, but I figured out months ago that it wasn't going to leave the same way it came.  I also have a family history of diabetes and have already have some of the symptoms, although my blood sugar is still in the normal range.  My dr has recommended a "Mediterranean diet" and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that is; in the meantime, I'm trying to eat the things that I know are best for me.  I also have to make sure that I keep very close tabs on portion sizes - that seems to be the key for me right now.  Although, I've only managed to lose one pound over the past couple of weeks, I'm doing my best to get there the right way.  

I also make every effort to get enough exercise.  My job requires quite a bit of physical activity and I make every effort to work out for at least an additional 30 min/day.  I find that yoga works extremely well for me because it's a "quiet" way to exercise and is relaxing.  The poses are done slowly and deliberately focusing on the form and duration.  I am 5' tall, 144 lbs and 59 yrs old, so when I first watched my first yoga video, I thought "yeah right. I'll put something out of joint if I try that", but I did try and was surprised at how quickly I was able to catch on, though I quickly gave up any thought of being as limber as the person in the video!!   You only stretch as much as is comfortable (if it hurts stop) and it wasn't long before I realized that I was stretching almost twice as much as when I first started.  In addition to yoga, I do strength training and aerobics now too, using the Wii Fit.  It's taking a while, and though I'm not losing a lot of weight, I am gaining muscle so that's a big plus and I'm hoping that with perseverance, the weight will eventually come off.  Just remember, find things you enjoy and that fit into your life style - preferably a variety so it doesn't get boring; start small and slow and work your way up.  

Last, but certainly not least - come back here often and let us know how you are doing.  

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Thanks to all of you, one more thing i would like to share with you...the cost of lap band surgery, how much does it cost to me. i have read it's range from $15,000 to $30,000
Source: http://www.freelapbandsurgery.com/lap-band-cost.html

Any comment?
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