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Weight loss.

Best way to lose 40lb in 5mnths without a gym membership or buying name brand products?
I have started what I am calling my "water diet" LOL it's pretty much how it sounds... I am drinking NOTHING but water until I hit my goal weight then i may add juices after I know I can maintain the progress I have made.
Also, does anyone know a good amount of water to drink a day? I hear a gallon..
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You can't possibly live on nothing but water for an extended period of time, without opening yourself up to numerous health issues.  If you don't take in enough calories each day to sustain your basic needs for living, you will make yourself ill.

40 pounds in 5 months is actually doable, if you decide on a program (besides water only) and stick with it. There are a wide variety of menu and exercise options available without having a gym membership or buying a lot of products, other than good wholesome foods.
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I agree. Your body needs daily nutrition to sustain energy. Try eating smaller, healthy meals at least 4-5 times a day to boost your metabolism.  
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Oh no! I'm sorry I  think you two may have mis-read my question.. or perhaphs I didn't accurately discribe it when I said drinking only water I meant drinking not eating. I have been eating as normal & trying to work out at home & do what I can I just didn't know if anyone knew how much should drink a day? What amount of exercise is needed to not gain "water weigh" & such. (: Thank You both for viewing my question, if you have any tips let me know. (:
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yes you are right, its a gallon a day(:
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Oh, thank goodness; I was nearly in a panic thinking you were going to try to live on water, alone.......now it makes more sense!!  Usually, the recommended amount of water to drink is 8 cups/day; you have to use your judgement on that, as some people may need more, some less.

Just be aware that you have to balance your food calories/portions to make sure you keep calories in check.  Losing weight is pretty much a matter of calories in/calories out, whether they are "food" calories or drink calories; don't forget the low fat milk, that can actually help you lose weight.  If you have a medical condition that affects metabolism, this can be a pretty tough thing to deal with.

Along with balancing your food calories, you will need to make sure you get plenty of exercise, which isn't always easy either, if you have a full time job, children to care for, etc.
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Thanks girl! & thanks for the concern too! You are too sweet! (:
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LOL Thanks for all the help! Yes I am not going crazy over my weight just wanna lose a bit before vacation but like I said to paula_totzy Thank you so much for your concern I thought you were both too sweet! (: I am trying to exercise to balance my calorie intake but like you said jobs & family can keep ya so busy!!
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Honestly switching to water alone will only have the huge effect you're looking for if you're a avid soda, energy drink, alcohol, or other high in sugar drinker. I used to pretty much drink NOTHING but Dr. Pepper or venti starbucks. Now I drink my one normal sized-cup of coffee and 2-3 liters of water in a day. Basically I keep water on me at all times and just drink as much as I need which is an average of 2 liters. Considering the first 5 lbs I've ever lost was switching to almost nothing but water (with the exception of my milk in my coffee), it's a great place to start. I'm just warning you it may not be enough to loose 40 lbs.

Home exercises- there's lots of ideas online that include easy to do without a gym: pushups, squats, sit ups, skipping (jump roping) etc. There is also home videos which can be awesome. 10 dollars was all my yoga DVD cost and I love it. Just try to work in at LEAST half an hour of getting your heart rate up. If you're already a pretty active person maybe start out with on hour, 5-6 days a week.

As far as food goes- no matter how pressed you are for time if you take one day of the week out and freeze/ put together your own meals, sauces, or snacks you will make sure you've always got something healthy to go to.

Finally -your weight is at 163 it says so your ideal is 123? Please double check that that is a healthy weight for you to be at. Keep in mind that BMI has it's limits so when you get down there listen to your body- if it feel's good at any specific weight in the healthy range, maybe that's where you're supposed to be.
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Yes I am 163 right now I want to be around 120 I looked pretty good when I was 135 but I still wanted to lose a few pounds so I am think around 120 would be my ideal. I know that I will have to work hard I plan on running because I used to do that a lot until I had surgery & they said no heavy exercise like that for 6 months so I got out of it. i used to also have a work out accountability partner who did 200 crunches a night with me which REALLY aided in my figure so I hope to start all of that back along with Wii Fit! (:
I am young so special foods aren't really in my budget since I live at home I just try to use portion control. (:
Thank you so much for all you advice!!
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Thanks a lot!! Any other metabolism booster you know? I am trying to drink all my water at very cold temp. to let my body work to warm it & I am also as of today starting to take a "shot" of vinegar a day since I hear that is also a metabolism booster! (:
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Oh & I used to drink WAYYYY too much soda! I would drink 4) 32oz drinks a day at my work b.c it was .93 a cup w/ free refills & then I would drink a can or 2 a night! It was outrageous! I never realized how much until I started working at my new job & I gain 20 lb from all those drinks. It's a part-time job so i wasn't there everyday but certainly enough to make a huge difference in my weight..obviously! :/ I also liked to pick up a Java Monster on the way to work every morning to keep me up on the drive in. IT WAS BAD!! :/ I drink nothing but water now! I don't even have milk with a cookie or soda with a pizza, it's been all water since I tipped the scales at 165. I have lost 5lbs since I've started & I am hoping that the weight loss will continue but any info or support you can give me will be AMAZING!!
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Well I've lost nearly 40 lbs. First I started by removing soda and other "junk" drinks. And also all processed foods- so I used to eat a lot of cheap hamburger helper, lean cuisine dinners, etc. because that's what my niece was willing to eat. BIG MISTAKE! So I strongly suggest getting away from as much enriched flour, generic white bread, and cheap packaged meals as possible. I also started to learn how to swim at this time, and kept a schedule. So before I would sleep 3-6 hours a night with 1 or two days a week of 12 hours +. I also would eat anywhere from 800 calories somedays to 1800; somedays one meal others 2. This combination is usually my first bit of advice- stay away from processed foods and keep a healthy schedule (sleep, food, and exercise). However this only accounted for my first 15 lbs.

I got gallbladder problems about 4 months later and had to go to a diet without red meat, fried foods, eggs, alcohol, or dairy. And low in avocado, oil, coconut, nuts, poultry, and oily fish. This was a literally painful lesson in portion size as everytime I ate too much I would have an attack. However, once I found where my body was happy this was a huge difference- but mostly on my triglycerides. I lost only another 5 lbs. I increased my exercise, cut down my diet and lost another 5.

Last June I had a dr realize all my symptoms and problems for the past 20 years relate to my thyroid and so even though my numbers were in the lines I was miserable and he put me on levothyroxine. I lost 10 lbs in a month. I've had to since work very hard to drop another 8lb and currently am at a plateau. Mainly due to my lack of energy from some thing or another (dr's can't agree on what is causing my problems, one even said it was all in my head). So until I have my surgery out, I'm just trying to focus on having good days over weight loss.

So my personal lessons from loosing only a third of the total weight I need to loose- Even without the obvious junk (chips, candy, and fast food), sometimes what you're eating isn't all always healthy; even a slight medical problem can really mess up your numbers and make it much harder than it should be; and sometimes the focus needs to be how you feel and not the number. Finally - it took me 2 years to get here. Nothing happens as fast as we want it too, but consider how long it took for the weight to get put on that was lost (for me that was 5 years).  

Now if you're just moving away from the soda and other junk - just be patient because you will see results, but there will come a time where you will have to work very hard to get to where you want to be.
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