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I will probably get some hate mail on this one but I thought I would share.  I am 32 and was recently 70 lbs overweight.  Then my wife who is an RN, recommended that I talk to my doctor about adderall.  So i did.  I take 7.5mg twice a day, so 15mg total.  Very low dose, I am not abusing, and is prescribed by my doctor.  I have lost 25 lbs in one month because I am never hungary, and I am full of energy all day.  This stuff is miracle drug for some.  Anyone else have similiar experience.  Not saying it is for everyone, but is a God send for me, I feel like a new person.  Only 45 more lbs to lose to be back to my 6'0", 185lb self.  I work out and eat healthy as well as take this wonder drug.  When i achieve my normal wieght I will ween myself off and continue my working out and eating right.  I work 60 hours a week and take night classes at a local college, so that is how I got the prescription, I told my doc I was having trouble with my energy level, memory, and concentration, which was all true.  So please dont aquire this drug illegally, but ask your doctor about it, it may save your life as well.
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You know what I hear when I read your post?  I hear someone who wants to encourage ALL of us that we CAN do it.  I hope you DON'T get hate mail over this, even though this ISN'T the alternative weight loss & dieting community  LOL!

I am glad this is working for you.  Personally, I think I would do like weight-loss programs do...taper off just BEFORE you get to your goal weight and try to finish to the end "all by yourself".  Otherwise, I think you will have a hard time maintaining - not just physically, but psychologically.

Good for you, though!  I'm glad you are doing this "legally", and with a doctor's approval.  I know NOTHING about adderall except that I've seen it in magazines.  Would it help me to behave?  OKAY, Ranae!  I'll go back to the corner now.  *I get in trouble a lot on here!  If you stick around and WOW us with your weight loss, you'll see what I mean!*

Good luck!  
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Yes, that is good advice, when I hit 195, i will ween off and make the last 10 by my self.  I too had never heard of adderall before my wife mentioned it.  It is amphetamine salts, that is the generic name for it.  It increases dopamine levels and helps people focus, and a side effect is that it reduces appetite.  Many doctors will not prescribe it, but I do not understand why.  I have no side effects from it and it makes me feel great.  I know it would not be a long term med, but under a doctors care, in low doses, seems like the way to go.  Not to be used if you have blood pressure or heart problems however.
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According to the medical insert for Adderall, it lists the following as side effects:

Dryness of the mouth, unpleasant taste, diarrhea, constipation, other gastrointestinal disturbances. Anorexia and weight loss may occur as undesirable effects.

There is a difference if you actually need the drug for ADHD or Narcolepsy, but one should use caution when attempting to convince a doctor you need the medication due to lack of energy for living a busy lifestyle.

Yes, weight loss can occur, but please use caution when relying on different medications.
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I'm so happy to hear that the adderall is working for you.  I wouldn't recommend it without being under direct supervision by a doctor, but since you are, it sounds like the solution for you.

I agree with weening yourself off BEFORE you hit your goal weight and making the last bit on your own.  Continuing to eat well and exercise will be crucial to maintaining your new weight.  

Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.........
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after a period of time 6months to one year on adderall the weight loss will stop.. a family member of mine is on adderall for add.. It is speed so yes it will give you energy but thats short lived...
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Welcome to the WL&D community, we're glad you have joined us and extend you the warmest "hello".  As for the anticipated "hate mail", I do not believe the members here would ever participate in that.  They are kind and caring and do their very best to share information, support, encouragement and motivation as we each strive to change our lifestyles.

I have taken the time to do some research on Adderall and, with all due respect, Adderall should NOT be used for weight loss!  That is why doctors do not and should not prescribe it for weight loss.

The following facts were gathered from the National Institutes of Health and are submitted for your consideration.  http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/archives/fdaDrugInfo.cfm?archiveid=5703


1.  Adderall is an amphetamine, and amphetamines have a high potential for abuse.
2.  Adderall is indicated for treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) per the NIH Drug Label.
3.  Adderall is NOT indicated for weight loss.
4.  Adderall is contraindicated for advanced arteriosclerosis, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, moderate to severe hypertension, hyperthyroidism, known hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy to the sympathomimetic amines, glaucoma and patients with a history of drug abuse.  (please refer to NIH link for full information)
5.  Adderall has many warnings including, but not limited to sudden deaths, stroke, and myocardial infarction reported in adults taking stimulant drugs at usual doses for ADHD.  (please refer to NIH link for full information)

Finally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved Adderall as a weight loss medication.

With the very best intent, I would hope that you consider joining us here to implement the long-term habits of selecting and preparing nutritious food, participating in a moderate exercise program and using the friendship, information and encouragement as you move forward.  MedHelp has supplied us with a host of tools to help us in these goals (Food Diary, weight tracker, exercise tracker and so many more!)  

Ultimately we each make a choice that works for us, but I will ask you this.  How will you keep the weight off if you do not change the underlying habits?  Are you comfortable using a drug in a manner for which it was not intended by the manufacturer or approved by the FDA?

Very best wishes for college and much happiness in your life.  

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Honestly, what it all comes down to is do what YOU feel is the best thing to do and what works for YOU. And that all you ask if for people to encourage you and keep up the good work. And you can get to your weight if you keep at it! Thats the thing I have issues with is continuing my weight loss goal I often get kicked off the poney wagon. Anyway! for anyone who does NOT encourage you.. just tell them to shove off! I recently posted a blog on my Myspace. asking for encouragement (not advice) and I got advice that everything I was doing was not "safe" and I should loose what weight loss plan I was doing. Made me furious! SO.. Keep at it and good for you that you're getting there!!
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