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I'm 14 and I want to know the beat way for me to start losing weight. As most wieghtloss deits are for people 15 and over.  
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start eating healthy instead of dieting. at your age you need nutrients and energy.

by the way how much do you weight?
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Exercise, correct your nutrition, sleep and lifstyle....
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How tall are you and how much do you weight?
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You should talk to your mom (or other trusted adult) about losing weight.  Let them know that you want to lose weight and enlist help in choosing the proper foods/amounts.  

Since you are so young, you need to good balance of nutrients in order to be healthy.  

Figure out how many pounds you need to lose, then calculate your needed calories.

As a general rule, you should stick with lots of veggies and whole fruits mostly, along with lean protein, at least 3 servings/day of dairy, and stick with whole grains for breads, cereal, etc.  Limit snacks to raw fruits and veggies, cheese sticks (can count as dairy servings), nuts, etc.

Get plenty of exercise.
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careal is poison. With grains and cereals and a lot of fruits he wont make it.
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I don't know what you are talking about.  Cereal is not poison.  While some people are allergic to certain grains or gluten, most people have no problem with it and whole grains are generally considered an important part of a well balanced diet.  You may not eat grains/cereals yourself, but there's not need to try to put other off them.

In addition, fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  

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well my idea is eat brakefast and dinner. If You Have To Eat At Lunch Time Eat A Small Bowl Of Fruit Or An Apple And Drink About 1.5 - 2L Of Water A Day. Be CareFull Not Top Drink All The Water At Once Because It Can Dilute The Sodium Level In Your Bloodstream And Cause A Heart Attack. Good Luck
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I do agree that you need to eat breakfast.  As to the dinner part, I'm not so sure.  Many of us find that if we eat our largest meals for breakfast and lunch, we can use up a lot of the calories before dinner and/or going to bed.  

Yes, you need to drink a lot of water - throughout the day.........

Welcome, blueboy121
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Barb135 get a look at this book  - Cereal Killer  http://www.amazon.com/Cereal-Killer-Alan-L-Watson/dp/0972048111

Yes Fruits have minerals and vitamins, but they have fructose. In obese people even a small secretion of insuline can lower HSL levels so much that they can't loose fat, or even gain fat.  For obese people a  much better source for vitamins and minerals are vegetables.

Grains have a to high glycemic load, contain phytates witch affects mineral apsorption, especially zinc witch is very important for thyroid functioning.  Because most obese have hypothyroidism its a no-no. Then Gluten, 90% of obese people is intolerant to gluten.

Whoever takes careals, grains, fruits and dairy products has a guarantee for not loosing fat, but good chances to gain fat
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You can't believe everything you read.  

I've often lost weight eating cereals; granted, it has to be whole grain and unsweetened, but I've still lost weight eating it.   Not all grains have a high glycemic value.  In fact, whole grains actually have a low glycemic value because they take longer to break down in the stomach, so don't spike the blood sugar.

I totally recommend that refined sugar, flour, white rice, etc should be eliminated from the diet.  

I agree that the majority of calories should come from veggies and that fruits contain fructose; however, I will discount anyone who advocates eliminating entire food groups unless one is allergic to them.  

It is most certainly not true that most obese have hypothyroidism; nor is gluten a no no with hypothyroidism.  Do you have documentation, other than the book referenced above, that says 90% of obese people are intolerant to gluten?  

I did not have time to read the entire website you posted, but I never believe anything when it's presented as required "across the board".  Everyone is different and we all react differently to things, including food.  Life, and particularly, diet, is not a "one size fits all" proposition.  

If you have studies, other than the book listed above, proving that no one should eat cereal, please post the links.
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they do spike blood sugar. Glycemic index is not what counts so much, glycemic LOAD counts and grains have a glycemic load over 20. There are 3 groups low GL medium GL and high GI. Low is below 10, medium is 10-20 and high is over 20.

i posted the link from a book, it is based on research and you can get your references there...

This information about gluten intolerance is not from the book above listed, can not remembere where i get it, maybe from the institute of functional medicine or so.

Yes i can see how well is it going with your weigth loss goal with grains etc... (your profile)

Yes a lot overweigth people have hypothyroidism.

Grains contain specific phytates witch block mineral apsorption, especially zinc. Zinc is essential for thyroid functioning, like selenium .Without optimal zinc and selenium intake thyroid gland can not function properly

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While you have the right to your opinion, you do not have the right to launch a personal attack on me.  My profile page is available to all to see; however, it is not your right to make rude comments about me in an attempt to prove your own point.   You have no idea whether or not my health/weight issues have to do with gluten or grains.  In fact, they do not.

Furthermore, making blanket statements, such as "careal is poison. With grains and cereals and a lot of fruits he wont make it" (sic), based on the contents of one book, is totally out of line.  If you have links to studies that back up your statements, please post them; it is not my (or any other member's) responsibility to run them down. Just because they are included in a book doesn't make them fact.  

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Some deeper knowledge of the enzymatic activity would be great for you. The key in fat loss are enzyme levels of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and hormon sensitive lipase (HSL). LPL is the enzyme that stores fat, HSL is the enzyme that brake down and relase fat. LPL and HSL levels are controled with insuline and if insuline is relased HSL turns off and LPL gets active and voila fat loss is deactivated.

Cereals are processed foods with added sugar, colors like #red40 or #yellow6 witch are cancerogen and causes a lot of disease. Carbohydrates relase far more insuline in obese people. Obese people are insuline ressistant.  

If you want links go research yourself what you want. Physiology and biochemistry of nutrition would be a great start.
And it is not one book, there are a lot autors witch confirm this, like Dr.Jonny Bowden, Paula Owens, Charles Poliquin, Dr. Serrano, Dr. Mauro DiPasquale , Dr. Mario DiPasquale.....etc etc there are a lot others.

So it is not MY POINT, it the point of a lot PhD's, The difference is that i get my information from quality books and you from classic female magazines.  I have my references (books, witch are based on confirmed data from studys - i just dont care lo search at their references (so 100-500 per book) to get exactly the study you want...)

I have made my point and i have success with all my clients and i told how its going on. If you want grains, dairy and fruits go ahead and you'll never loose fat...just impossible :)
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Everyone has a right to their opinion.

Coming on here attacking someone is not cool and is extremely arrogant. The people that answer here on this form want to help using their knowledge and experiences.

Your comment "careal is poison. With grains and cereals and a lot of fruits he wont make it" is your opinion.  

Many different professionals would beg to differ.  To each their own.

This thread was started by a 14yr old girl which needed help but you turned it into a bashing thread and this poor 14yr old girl only wanted some answers and help.

The first question you would ask this girl is how much does she weight?

There may be nothing wrong with her weight and sorry to say but a healthy balance diet including whole grains is what she needs as she is still growing and it is necessary.

Maybe you havent done your research as there are natural products out there that do not have sugar in them.  

You seem to be an extremest that always needs to be right.

I have many various Autoimmune diseases and I have done a ton of research about food.  I am not saying I am an expert but I do know a fair bit. Every persons immune system is different. Some things may work for some people and not for another.  

You need to learn to be open minded and not belittle people just because they disagree with you. Its childish.  If you are a professional (as you say you have clients) you might want to take a course in communication to learn how to disagree with someone positively without bashing them.

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I agree that everybody has a right for ther opinion. But as much as i have read in the last 3 years (about 1-2 books per week about physical activity, nutrition, supplementation, healthy lifestyle,) + what i've learned at my univeristy and constantly updating with new researches gives me enough knowledge to see a correct and incorrect information.

First of all Grains are not Nutritious foods, they are Economical Foods - Big Bussines -> thats why you see in the media, magazines (grains this, grains that health healht etc). When you go to a store, 90% of products are made from grains - why ? because they're healthy or because they make a lot money with it ? Grains are a new food in humans (before 10000 years it started), thats why thhere are so much gluten intolerant people.

Do you know that one slice of bread destroys 1.000.000 cells in the intestinal system ?  Such information you wont find in magazines, health shows etc...

You will often see studys like this "Dietary Fiber From grains protect from cancer, and other diseases" . The bad pice of cake of such studys is that they look just what the fiber does, but grains are not just fibers, there are other things like phytates witch bind to zinc, iron and other important minerals and doesent allow to get absorbed, gluten, etc..

Of course i get arrogant, when i see that someone with lack of knowledge about what he/she talks - but a opinion - gives advices.

I get counterattacked here, because you have accepted grains as a healthy food (like i did years ago) and it is hard to accept some totally different, unusual and new information witch is the opposite of your opinion.

@ autoimmune disease

80% of the immune system comes from the gastrointestinal system. Unhealthy GI system = weak immune system. Some things that can help are

1. Remove grain and grain products, Soy, Peanuts ( i expect now that a rifle man takes me down :) ) , eat protein rich foods, vegetables, fruits, walnuts, almonts, brazil nuts...
2. Remove "standard" vegetable oils, use Coconut oil for cooking, high quality olive oil for salads
3. Add 10-15 g or ml of fish oil daily - reduces inflammation, great for cell health
4. Get a enzyme supplement or Betain HCI (i reccomend NOW FOODS) superenzymes, its a great one, or Betain HCI) - low stomach acids leads to bad bacteria accumulation, bad mineral and vitamin apsorption, etc etc
5. Glutamine for 5 days, 50 grams daily - helps with gut regeneration

@ grains and autoimmune disease

what dr. mercola has to tell about grains

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So what protein do you recommend out of curiosity?
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Ostrich, Wild animals meat like elk or so, Grass fed beef, Free range polutry, Non-farm raised fish, other sea animals

In form of supplements, Pea Protein is good or if you exercise Whey protein afther workout. But Foods are a better source and supplements cant replace them ;)
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adn yea, i forgot one of the best - chicken eggs, ostrich egg (is huge :D )
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Glutamine supplementation and autoimmune disease info :


betain HCI


Anyone suffering from, or with a history of, peptic ulcers, gastritis, and heartburn, should consult their doctor before taking betaine HCl. Furthermore, people taking drugs that can cause peptic ulcers, for example nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and cortisone-like drugs, should avoid betaine HCl.

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So here is another question for you. I have Endometriosis and anything that has hormones or chemicals in it I cant have. So that means I cant eat anything unless I grow it myself.

Any kind of animal/fish has hormones even if they are not added.  Even if they say food is organic, is it really?  Most standards are not 100%

So I am not supposed to have any added hormones, I have been told not to have dairy, meat, sugar, processed foods etc.. there isnt really much left to eat and its very hard to do.

Processed foods I have had no problem giving up and have not had any in years.

Dairy is hard because I love milk, red meat is hard because I love it.

My over all health is not good and I eat very healthy.  I cook everything, I don't buy frozen foods, processed foods and try to stay away from anything fermented.

I have tried the macrobiotic diet, vegan, yeast free etc.

The damage to my body is already done.  So when I see all this talk about eat this its better for you, or you shouldnt do this because of that, and that causes cancer etc etc. I get tired of hearing it all because in the end it really does not matter.  All food unless grown by yourself contains chemicals and hormones.  There is absolutely no way it can be avoided.  

I am interested on what you have to say about this as I have done nothing but research for the last 10yrs in regards to hormones and chemicals.
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As i know, organic meat should not have added hormones. Another interesting food chain or "food store" is the "paleo store" . Made by the autor of The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet for Athletes (very intresting books).

I dont have enough knowledge about this condition to give you my opinion, sorry.

I think that you can get good information at the Institute of Functional Medicine (google it)

I just can give you some advice what you should try to avoid. Plastics, because they cointain chemicals called BPA. Cosmetic products witch contain paraben (can be methylparaben or so).

If i'd be you, i'd invest in books like those (i like more self education then asking doctors)

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"I agree that everybody has a right for ther opinion. But as much as i have read in the last 3 years (about 1-2 books per week about physical activity, nutrition, supplementation, healthy lifestyle,) + what i've learned at my univeristy and constantly updating with new researches gives me enough knowledge to see a correct and incorrect information."

Apparently,djole123, at the risk of sounding rude, your university education has not taught you to distinguish fact from opinion.  Medical/nutritional studies can be designed to prove anything you'd like them to prove, and despite the best design efforts, if they fail to prove your theory, the results can be quashed.  Your information is no more correct than anyone else's.  The best nutritiuonal advice of today will be replaced by contratictory advice tomorrow.

Check out this study of studies:


However, as you read it, do not make the mistake of assuming the studies you have read and embraced as fact are an exception to the findings.

What works for one will not work for another, and you simply cannot apply techniques on a one-size-fits-all basis.
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I completely agree with some points that you have said

"What works for one will not work for another, and you simply cannot apply techniques on a one-size-fits-all basis"

"The best nutritiuonal advice of today will be replaced by contratictory advice tomorrow. "

Everyday there is something new and every person wants to prove their theory.  For me its done nothing but make me scared to eat food.  argh!
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i know, there is a lot abuse in studys and that most of them are unaccurate...but there are some good ones too, not much but you can find some good stuff.
I helped myself (lost 35kg of fat mass and gained about 20kg of muscle mass, have no immune system problems - had not even a cold in the last 3-4 years) and helped a lot people with fat loss and some usual problems like blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc without drugs and thats enough for me to belive in "my theroy" (witch is based on theorys of PhD's i belive and trust like those i wrote some post before). Also i see clients of other coaches witch stick to that what they have learned in school and university (60% grains and carb, 20-25% fat, 10-15% protein - the classic "health pyramid") and in the last 3 years i didnt saw that anyone lost fat with them, while mine are all loosing fat great and improve health - this is one practical experience on different nutrition types i have and it tells me that most if not all obese people can not manage carbs well. Maybe you try, and see the difference.

Skinfold measurements help me to design proper nutrition, supplement protocol, workout and lifestyle change. For example subscapular fat skinfold measurement tells me how well a person geneticaly can tolerate carbs. In obese people chances are very low that they have there 5mm skinfold (5 or less can tolerate carbs great),
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