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Looking at the Summer Weight Loss Challenge that I posted, I see that we have some new members and/or some that haven't been around for a while.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you and invite you to post a little something about yourself, if you like, so we can get to know each other.

I'll go first and tell you something about me.  I came to here in late 2008 looking for help with weight loss.  I'd been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, several months prior and was having a horrible time trying to lose.... unfortunately, almost 6 yrs later, I still am.  Admittedly, it's partly my own fault, because I've yet to find a diet that I can adhere to and it's particularly hard because my husband is very tall and slim, so he doesn't have to watch his calories.  It's hard to sit down to my plate of veggies and deck of cards size piece of meat, when he's chowing down on pizza, burgers, fries, milk shakes, etc.

Anyway, in addition to hypothyroidism, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome and it's all weight related; that's bad enough, but I I don't like the way I look.  I'm hoping everyone here will help keep me accountable.  I have approximately 25 lbs to lose...  

Now, it's your turn.  What brought you here, what are your goals, what have you done, so far, to reach them?  
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Hi, I'm new to this app, I'm 39 and have had a baby almost 6weeks ago, Id say I want to lose my baby weight but I suffered from horrendous morning sickness and total lack of appetite while pregnant so I'm a whole stone lighter than before I fell pregnant. I do however want to lose the rest of the weight I gained since meeting and marrying my husband. I'm following the biggest loser eating plan. I want to lose 70lbs
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I would like to join your challenge.
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Welcome to you both.

You can click on the following link to sign up for the challenge:


Can you both tell us what you've been doing, so far to lose the weight?
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I'm 36. A mother of three. I was diagnose with Paget's disease in my back.  The pain comes and goes.  My doctor said if I have to work on my core muscles and lose weight.  My weight is 275lbs.  Happy to have someone to go through this challenge with.  My biggest problem is craving sweet after a meal.
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I'm eating a lot of protein.  Yogurt, lean meat, egg whites and vegetables.  I exercise through my on demand on my tv. They have 5min workouts that are great to do before work or waking up the kids or before bed. Just remember to keep going.
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Hi, it's nice to meet you.

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis; that must be difficult to deal with.

Have you thought about allowing yourself a small sweet after your meal?  What about a small piece of fruit or a few grapes or berries?  Fruit is usually pretty sweet and it's good for you, so if you build that into your menu, you could easily have that, or maybe some sugar free jello or pudding?  Even a square of chocolate can be added, as long as you build it into your meal and stop with one square.

You're doing great to have the high protein and veggies.  Have you calculated your calorie needs to make sure you haven't cut them too much?  

Your 5 min exercises through your on demand TV sounds great.  I don't have that.  What type of exercises do they have?  I've started doing some "Walk" videos.  I found one on YouTube that's only 12 minutes long, so is good if I don't have time for anything longer than that.  I also love to do yoga, which is great for core muscles and weight loss.  I, often, have a hard pushing myself to do it, though.  Yesterday, I had extensive dental surgery, so today, I was under doctor's orders not to exercise... it will be harder to do it, tomorrow. I still have quite a bit of pain in my mouth, so I'll probably just do the 12 minute walk video -- maybe twice and incorporate weights, with it.  
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Hello.  I've using this app since 1/18/14.  I am trying to loose 50 lbs.  I am a mother of 3.  Last one is now 16 months old.  Just diagnosed in August with a pit. Tumor.  This is causing me a horrible time with my moods, migraines, losing weight, energy etc.  I really thought I was losing my mind.  I dropped my work load down to part time.  Also have extensive diabetic family history on both sides, thyroid disease.  Also my husband is diabetic and was not taking great care of himself.  I thought we'd kill two birds with one stone so to speak.  Before I started this in January I could not tell you the last time I drank a sip of water let alone a glass.  Now it's part of my day.  I am down 22 lbs and my spouse is down 17 lbs.  hoping when he goes to the doctor his A1C is at a better level.

Looking forward to taking this 16 week challenge with you all.
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Hi nice to meet you.

I have a hard time eating only one of anything.  I will try the fruit. I use the my diet diary app. It is my best friend.  You can enter all your food. They have a lot of brands nutrition facts already in their app, including fast food salads, subs, yogurt...... If your food is not in their app, you can enter it. They also have the barcode scan. You can scan the barcode of what you are eating.
  The app calculate the calories you burn when you enter the exercise you did. I love this app. The exercise on demand have all kinds. Cardio, dance, kickboxing, Pilate and yoga, butt, core and abs, walking, weight loss, and personal training.  All three levels beginner, intermediate  and expert.  Thanks for your help
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I too crave something sweet , on my diet plan it allows me to have so many portions a day  of each food group plus 100 calories to use for whatever I want which every day I use as my chocolate fix. I haven't had my postnatal check with the doctor yet so haven't been exercising as yet but I will be looking for these 5min workouts mentioned on anytime demand.
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Hi. I just started last week of January 2014. It is already almost 5 months after my delivery. I want to go back to my pre pregnancy weight. I find that when I am listing the calories I consume, it is easier for me to control my food intake. That is why I started using the diet diary. It is a big help.

I am also exclusively breastfeeding now so I can't take just any food supplements to help me lose weight and I cannot do crash diets. I just want my intake controlled. I like that I can also list my exercise in the diary. I find that I want to exercise more when I am listing my exercise too. Right now, it is only walking and weight lifting and a little situp.

I already gained about 2-3 kg months before I got pregnant (at 44 kg). I am already almost 45 kg but I haven't entered it yet as I am waiting till Sunday. I want to see if I can be exactly 45 kg by Sunday.

Originally, my weight goal is 39-40kg (I am not sure if this is really my desired weight but as I remembered, it is at these when I had flat toned abs) but I think being at 41-42 would also be fine. My weight goal seems very little for some here but I am a really petite Asian (5' to 5' 1").

I am exploring the site now to push me more. I need quite a push as I am a really big eater. I am a food lover and normally chowing down foods even when not hungry and sometimes even when full. There is almost a week to 2 weeks that I haven't entered food intake in my diary since I started as I have been eating more than usual. I didn't gain weight but I didn't lose either. If I haven't lost control for that span of time, I think I've lost by additional 1 kg  by now. I've just started again to enter my food intake on March 6.

Anyways, I hope I can stick to it now till I reach my goal. I joined the challenge to push me at least. I am not sure if I can lose 1lb per week with my current food intake as in the challenge (I cannot make it any lower as I've said, I'm breastfeeding), but I at least want to see the scales going down a little and reach my goal on time, or at least be very near it by that time. So really thanks for posting the challenge.
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