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What can I do to lose more weight?

Ok, I'm 5'2" and have fluctuating weight between 155-160.  I try my best to eat healthy and I do my best at staying away from sugary treats, but I won't give up my sweet tea or coffee with my hazelnut creamer (which I only drink one cup of each per day, if that).  I recently found out I was born with only one kidney and I have to drink lots of water throughout the day already, so increasing my water intake hasn't helped my weight loss.  9 years ago I weighed about 110.  When I got pregnant 8 years ago I weighed 115 and at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 153.  I dropped 30 lbs within a few months of giving birth, then I have slowly gained that 30 lbs back over a 7 year period. These last 2 years I have exercised, ate healthy, ate fewer calories, and increased my water intake.  I still remain at 155-160.  I'm 160 lbs around my "that time of the month".  I'm at a loss at what I can do or what I should do to lose the weight to get down to a healthy BMI.  I can definitely tell you that other friends I have around my height and weight are a lot rounder than I am.  I don't really have a shape to me like an apple or pear... or even an hourglass figure.  Around my hips is 39 in, around my stomach is 35 in, and my bust is 38 in.  As you can see, I'm pretty straight.  

So my questions are:  What kind of diet can I use to lose more weight and get out of the "overweight-obesity" area and into a range more healthy (going by my BMI)?  What exercises can I do not only to help the health of my only kidney, but to get more of a womanly figure?
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First off increasing your water intake will help not hinder weight loss attempts -  it keeps the body flushed and working well, it helps flush toxins that encourage the body to store things.

I found my weight changed when I hit 26 -  50lb increase in 1 year and it has taken me 12 years to finally get a hold on losing it!

You need to be aware of what you intake calorie wise and what you expend exercise wise.

My top tips in general are:

1) decide on a goal weight and/or goal measurements

2) decide on a goal date

3) Be realistic – you are aiming to lose 1-3lb a week

4) Plan your weeks menu on a weekend and then shop just to fulfil that menu – don’t buy the extra things that are tempting when you are craving, bored or emotional.

5) Don’t be too hard on yourself -  a bad meal or a bad day is not you off the wagon –it’s a bad day which can be rectified with tomorrows efforts.

6) Eat smaller portions and eat better -  try to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables but don’t cut out any food group -  your body needs carbs, protein, sugar, dairy and yes even fats….be sensible and eat in a way you can eat for the rest of your life-  you are making lifestyle changes not going on a diet with a beginning and end date.

7) MOVE – better eating is a start but your body needs to work harder to lose and sustain the weight loss… your body will quickly adapt to the fuel you put in it -  so keep it surprised.

8) Remember cardio like running, biking, jogging, walking, jumping, jump ropeing raises your heart rate which burns calories faster  - stretching and weights tones your body and helps build muscles which weigh heavier but require more calories to work so more muscle = more calories burned every day.

9) Find things to do you enjoy – if you hate the gym, don’t go… there are lots of exercise videos on Utube that you can do at home that will work just as well.

10) Drink more fluids -  try to drink one glass of water every hour you are awake-  keeps the system flushed -  your metabolism up and your organs working better also staves off hunger feelings.

11) Sleep/rest in bed for 8 hours in 24 where possible.

12) Don’t sit still for more than 30 mins -  even if you are just walking up and down stairs a couple of times.

13) Lean on family and friends for support

14) Avoid situations where you don’t feel in control of your intake

15) dont eat after 7pm if you can avoid it.

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Whatawoman gave you some good advice.  Simply eating well, isn't enough; you have to use the calories you take in.  Walking is an excellent form of exercise.  You could aim for 30 minutes/day to start, and work up.  Make sure you choose exercises you enjoy or you won't stick with them.

Make sure you get lots of fruits and veggies, but lean heaviest on veggies, because some fruits have a lot of sugar and even though it's "natural", it will still turn to fat quickly, if not used. Be sure to eat whole fruit rather than juices, which often have more calories, and don't have the fiber.

Lean protein helps build muscle.  While a pound is a pound, muscle is denser than fat, so takes up less space (compare muscle and fat to rocks and feathers).  Muscle does burn fat more quickly.  Protein also helps keep you feeling fuller longer.

Make sure you opt for complex carbs, rather than simple carbs.  Simple carbs are those found in sugar, refined flour, pasta, white rice, etc. These carbs are broken down and turn to fat quickly if not used up.   Complex carbs (fiber), on the other hand take longer to break down, so they, too, help you feel fuller longer.

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