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What do u all think off the

100 cal snacks tell me what you think about my meals for the day
morning i had 1 cup curves cereal and 1 cup 1% milk
lunch i had chicken breast 6 oz and a 100 cal
dinner i had a turkey sub from quiznos with lite mayo pic an let
is this way to much im not sure please help
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doesnt sound like too much! But you have to add the cals. up to really see and know for sure!! Turkey does like a good choice for quiznos but read online their calorie content cus i have heard its ugly!! Were you talking bout the 100 cal. snack packs? if so thats the ones i use i have a slim fast for breakfast with one it works pretty good! but only have one of those per day cus the carbs are lil bit yucky so thats all i have one per day!!
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Sounds good to me...all except Quiznos.  As gokuangel mentioned...look them up online and find the sandwich that you had.  You might just be surprised.  I would add up the calories and nutrients in the entire day and see where it measures out in total.
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I agree also about adding up your calories. You can use calorieking or thedailyplate websites to check the nutrition for food that doesnt have the info stamped on the package (like 6 oz of chicken, or other kinds of fruits and vegetables) And definitely plan your meal ahead of time by checking the food calculators on fast food/take out websites. It sounds like you made a good choice at Quiznos, but like the others said, when you have other places preparing the food for you, it's very easy to underestimate the calories in what you're eating. Some things that seem healthy, end up being very high in calories and fat so you really have to check before you buy it. But it sounds like you did well today I think!
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You don't seem to be getting enough vegetables and fruits.  You really need to have a good balance of nutrients.
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You should do a "basal metabolic rate calculation" for your height, weight, age, and activity level.  Just google the term in quotes and you'll fine online calculators.  Not everyone has the same calorie needs.  

I agree with the above, it doesn't sound like you are getting enough variety.
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