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What is happening to me?

I am a post gastric bypass patient ( nine years ago) with mulitple problems that no one in my town can seem to answer of fix for me.  I weighed 436 at surgery and am now 132. I have had major deteriation of my nasal cavity, excessive bleeding from the nose.  I have cysts all around and in my ear that bleed daily. the outter ear is thickening and enlarging. I have fluid build up inside my ear and head that drives me insane.  Pressure from this tremendous.  I have no energy.  I am depressed.  I have memory issues.  My teeth have been falling out and breaking for the past 6 years.  I have had blood transfusions because I can not seem to make enough of it.  Dizzy spells and passing out.  I have a hard time swallowing at times.  Can eat just fine but my stomach is rolling constantly.  I stay dehydrated.  The medication that they give me never works.  Vitamins dont work. I do not sleep well.  My feet and legs will not stop moving when I lay down at night.  They tingle and hurt during the day.  What is wrong with me and what can I do about it?
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I a ru n y gastric exclusion in 1969.  At first I did well, but like you I have had many issues.  Teeth is a major issue most of my teeth are capped or I have had implants.  I have had major blood issues with low hemo twice so far.  I take vitamin B12 shots once a month, that seems to help.  I have had iron infusions for 6 months at a time, as the hemo goes down to 6.  I eat fine I don't have dumping but I algree mitamins don't work.  I don't sleep well either, the most I sleep is around two hours at a time.  I use to get charlie horses at night, but I have started taking Mag.Calcium and Zinc. that seems to help but now I get kidney stones more frequently.  My legs ache and I wish I could walk more but because they ache I talk myself out of it.  I don't think there is anything you can do about it.  I guess you just traded one problem for another.  I have a few memory issues, but I am in my early 60's.  I just assume that I have a lot on my mind.  At least that is what I hope it is.  Maybe not, but I know it is annoying when I can't retrieve what I want to remember at the right time.
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