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What is the proper weight for me?

I'm a female, small frame, 5'5", 15 years old and weigh 121.
I constantly feel angry becuase to me i feel fat, but am not.
I am proportioned well, hardly no fat but all muscles.
What weight range should a girl my size and age be in?
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I think you are perfect at what you are. Im 20 years old, 5' 2" and 160lbs. I have been 200lbs and I have been 100lbs (100lbs coming after the 200) Even when I went down to 100 I still felt fat. I still do now. Recently I went home to BC for a month to visit my mom and get married. MY moms bathroom has mirriors on all walls. There is no escaping seeing yourself. Thats when I realized Im not as big as I thought. Also when I got some wedding pictures from friends, I was like wow, I really not as fat as I thought!
Throw some more mirriors in your room and house if your mom will let you. You will feel more confident.
All the best, Lucey.
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I copied just a small portion of a height/weight chart for your particular height.  

Height               Small Frame               Medium Frame            Large Frame
5'5"                      117-130                      127-141                       137-155

You are at the perfect weight for height right now, but if you try to lose weight, you could end up underweight and/or malnourished.  
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