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What should my weight be??

Hi all,

I am 20 years old. I am 5'11 and 189-191lbs.

I recently lost 160lbs and I am very unhappy. I feel like a fat ugly troll and I just stay inside now. What is a healthy weight for me.

I would like to go down to 100lbs but Im not sure.

My profile pic is the most recent pic of me but I since lost some.
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Congratulations on the 160 lb loss; that's pretty awesome.  Care to share any secrets?

At 20 years old and 5'11" tall, you'd be totally emaciated at 100 lbs and if you think you look bad now, you wouldn't even be able to look in the mirror at that weight.

I've copied a bit of a height/weight chart for you.

Height                Small Frame      Medium Frame          Large Frame
5'11"                     146-157             154-166                     161-184

Depending on your frame size (bone structure), you aren't so far overweight and you should really be happy that you were able to lose the 160 lbs.

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Thank you but Im nt really happy. I dont want to be a fat guy anymore. Its no fun.
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I looked at your profile pictures; you're a nice looking young man; I'd hate to see you ruin that, by getting skinny.   "Skinny" people often look as bad as (or worse than) overweight people.  

You surely don't have very much weight to lose; maybe all you need to do is exercise and tone up your muscles a little bit.

At 20 years old, you should be having fun with friends, not worrying about being fat, when you're not.
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I have no friends really except at college but they are just school friends.

Im not built to be toned as I have small wrists and ankles. I always thought that at 100lbs all of my problems would be solved
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No, 100 lbs for you would make you look emaciated; you would look horrible.

School friends are still friends; have you thought about asking them to do things with you outside of school?  

It sounds like you may have a distorted image of what you look like, now and what you should look like........ have you thought about counseling to help bring your views into better perspective?
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I can never get counseling or therapy as that would be admitting to myself I am crazy and I am not.
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You don't have to be crazy to get counseling; I've had to seek counseling for other things, and I'm about as sane as they come.

Counseling can simply help you get a better perspective on things.  Sometimes we just need a helping hand (or listening ears).
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I will be thinking that I failed and I cant have that
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