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What's your favorite weight loss shake?

I'm counting points but I am also chugging back a weight loss shake everyday as part of those points. There is no way I could ever do the Slim-Fast plan or anything like it. I just like the amount of nutrients in the form of chocolate milk i can get! Makes a great difference if I need a boost before working out or just need something to keep me going while I make dinner. ^_^ Anyways, some of them certainly don't taste very good. My favorite so far comes from Wal-Mart. It's called Equate & is a little under $5 a box for six. I also can't afford much so the price is right for. Anyways, what is your fav shake?
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I'm not a huge fan of the shakes, but I think they have their place.  For me, I rely on them more when I'm traveling or otherwise too busy to find or make a good option.  Like if I have a layover at the airport, I'll try and find a good smoothie or shake.

The smoothies are more of an on the go option, while I use the more traditional mixes and shakes at home.

I really like the "Naked" brand blue machine, that is packed with blueberries and a lot of fiber.  It also has no soy, which I am currently trying to avoid.  But it's also very expensive, usually more than $3/bottle.

I do keep a big canister of Slim Fast around at home, along with powdered milk.  That's serious survival food:  Even if I haven't shopped in ages and am too tired to think, I can mix that up with my immersion blender for a quick fix.  So I voted for Slim Fast on the poll.

If you can buy the mix and either have it at home or take it along in a insulated to-go bottle, that's a good way to save $$.

I also sometimes use meal replacement bars as well, which are inherently more transportable!
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I'm not a big fan of the shakes either, but I do keep some of the Equate brand in the fridge for those mornings that I don't have time to fix a proper breakfast.  Since I get up at 3:30 am, I'm not always "into" eating right away.

I haven't found a meal replacement bar that I really like the taste of; and most of them are very expensive. What's your favorite?
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I dont use shakes, the only shakes i like is mcdonalds chocolate milkshake, so i avoid all shakes,
But i can see where they would be usefull
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Thanks for the tip on the powder. We have been looking at those. Like I said, looking to save bucks.

No idea about bars.
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