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Why aren´t I losing weight faster??

I am a female at 5¨6 inches tall. I weigh 69.6 kilos or 153.1 pounds.  I am currently following a 1700 calorie diet and working out by way of running and spinning 3-5 days a week.  I started this 1700 calorie diet when I realized I was gaining weight despite all the working out and I got up 71.8 kilos. I was eating healthy, but ALOT more protein by way of fish and legumes since I don´t eat meat, and occasionally chocolate...opps.

I have been on this diet for 1 month now and I have only dropped my weight from 71.8 to 69.6 kilos (2.2 kilos or 4.8 pounds) and I am very frustrated.  It seems like I am dropping the weight at a crawl pace.
Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?  Do I need to lessen my caloric intake or do I need to increase the exercise? Do I need to eat more calories?
I am trying to reach my goal weight of 60 kilos or 132 pounds...although I think at one point in my life I was at 126 pounds (approx. 10 yrs ago on a high protein diet and 2hrs of exercise everyday.)-which I would love to attain again!!!  I think this goal is reasonable considering the weight table for my height is between 116-147 pounds or 53-67 kilos.
I do have hypothyroidism however, I am taking Eutirox and  I have been told that my thryoid levels are normal now or rather since Oct. But maybe, I should insist on being retested and see if my thyroid has gone on vacation?issue.
Please enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong!  Thank you in advance
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you are doing nothing wrong. 2.2 kg in 4 weeks is a good healthy rate to loose weight.
when i started my diet very similar to yours, i too thought i would lose weight a lot faster because i was working so hard. but if you ask any doctor they will tell you your doing good.
be proud of yourself and keep up the great work
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Thank you very much for your reply.  It is really helpful and you are right on. Out of my frustration, I went in for a check-up and they told me the same thing.  It was stressed that I need to give it time...even up to 6 months to drop the weight.  So I am sticking with it and crossing my fingers that it will work.  I have just never done this type of diet before so it is hard for me to comprehend that the weight just comes off.  I always thought the weight would only come off, if you really worked out.  Here´s to the New Year and less weight, ha, ha!!!
Thanks for your helpful input!! ¨)
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i fully know how you feel its a hard road no matter how much weight you want or need to lose.
you know what they say, "good things take time"
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I need some help please intepretating my thyroid lab results:

Free T3 2.18 ug/l (2.00-4.40)
Free T4 8.7 ug/l (6.1-11.20)
TSH 2.740 mUl/l (.40-3.50)
Vitamin B12 678pg/ml
Folates 15.42 ng/ml
Sodium 135 (136-145)
Ferritine 46 ng/ml

My hypothyroidism symptoms have never gone away, but now my symptoms are worse than ever!!! I am very fatigued. I have been severely bloated for 2 months now. I have joint pain in my hands, headaches, 12 kilo weight gain in last 2 years and I have had severe hair loss in the last 4 years, etc.

I have gone to an general doctors and endos in Spain and now France... and all have said I am in the normal ranges.

I do not feel NORMAL. What is my problem?? I have been taking 75mg of Eutirox (Spanish version of synthyoid or T4).  Now I am in France, and my T4 medicine has been changed to Levothyrox...the same thing. However, the endo kept saying I was normal!!

I need an educated guess as to what my problem is??? so I can try and find an endo who will treat my symptoms and not tell me I'm normal. Or maybe I need to try a Naturopath or Chinese Medicine doctor instead??

Desperate for opinions??
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