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Wii "My Fitness Coach" DVD

Hey everyone - I miss seeing the posts that tell what everyone's been doing for exercise (or did I just not see them somewhere else?).  I find myself not being accountable for what I haven't been doing and seeing what everyone else is doing helps.  I've been spending so much time in doctor offices, testing laboratories, x-ray rooms, etc and not getting to the exercises.  I think it's getting closer to dx of Hashimoto's, and have something going on in esophagus due to acid reflux, but hoping to get to the end of all that soon. The weekend's B-12 shot kicked in and I actually felt better today than I have in several weeks, which made it easier to get off my "duff" and do some exercising after work.

Last weekend, I bought the Wii dvd called "My Fitness Coach" and this afternoon, I finally got around to checking it out.  I think I'm going to like it once I get the "fitness coach" slowed down to my pace!!  I only got my profile in and did one segment of 15 minutes today, but it was enough to work up a sweat.  I was thinking I might try alternating this with the Wii Fit.  

In addition to that - I managed to put almost 3 miles on my pedometer during my work day.  I'm getting into the habit of parking a ways from where I need to go and then walk there - unless I need to carry tools with me - then I have to park as close as possible.  

Anyway, it would be sort of fun to hear what everyone's been up to.  By the way, Somehow, I managed to drop 1.1 lbs.  
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So the video is good huh? i been thinking the next thing i would like to have is that video i just wasnt sure how it would be but i thought it would be something good to do alternate days!! I have only been doing my wii fit the 10 min cardio video that i oh so loved they took down off you tube!! man that ticked me off lol!! and then the thing with my electric so hopefully i dont gain too much weight i had gained half a lb over the weekend and was hoping to get it bk off and then some this week! You sound like you been doing great on exercise and half is lb lost is very good keep it up!! Thnx for the advice earlier!! I wish eating was easier but its not im a super picky eater and i hate vegetables all of them!! so without me being at my home with the low cal foods i picked out its gonna be pretty tough!! I usually drink v8 fusion and take vitamins to keep me going!
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YEAAA!   1.1 Is a magic figure! Wow! Awesome! I am glad you are getting some exercises in and I hope everything goes wel for you! Remember we are always here for you!!!!
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Good idea for a mid-week exercise check-in

Thanks for the review of Fitness Coach.  I've still not used my Wii balance board much (I think it was you who noted I need to use the supports so my carpet isn't in the way, though I don't mind so much that it thinks I'm 30# less than I am).  

I have some joint issues going on, so ANYTHING where I might twist or turn my ankle is not working.  Sometimes even as I'm walking it happens, but when I'm on a cardio machine I do ok.  Anyway, once that clears up I'm psyched to use my Wii more.

So tonight I did 25 minutes on an elliptical and 15 on a stairmaster.  I tried the treadmill, but it hurt my ankle.

I need to do more weights, as discussed in the Live Chat.

I think lots of us have exercise trackers, feel fee to peak in on them any day you want to see what's up.  And if you see that mine is looking blank, call me out and tell me to get off my butt!

Great that you're down 1.1#!!! I only weigh in once a week.  I get stressed out about it (in a bad way, not a motivating way) if I do more than that.  I'm hoping to have good news to report on Sunday's weigh-in, but ya never know...  

I'm glad your testing is coming along.  I left a message at the office that ordered my recent thyroid tests on Tues, but still no call back from the Dr.  I know the labs are done, he just needs to review them and sign the report so I can take it to my PCP.  Grrrrr.  But I do think I am making progress on my health puzzle overall.

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Yeah, it was me that noted about the supports for your Wii board & I know what you mean - I'd sure like mine to think I was 30 lbs lighter, that's for sure!!  

Do you belong to a gym that you have access to the stairmaster, etc?  I've thought about joining one.  There's one in conjunction with one of our local hospitals that's pretty reasonably priced and I've thought about looking into it as a  co-worker has been going there for water aerobics and has lost 14 lbs - I'm so jealous of that!!  

I understand what you mean about the ankle thing - you gotta take care of that!  I had one that I kept spraining over and over for years and I finally did such a number on it that they had to do surgery to put the ligaments and tendons back in the right place.  Don't let it get in that bad shape!!  

I'm glad that you might finally be coming up with some answers to your medical problems - I'm hoping that I am too and can get back to living life instead of living in Dr offices, etc.  

As far as the Wii Fitness Coach DVD, the "trainer" isn't the most realistic, but if you overlook that and just concentrate on the workout, it's not bad.  I only did one small segment yesterday, so today (cardio) and I thought I'd try different part of it today just to get a better feel for it - there's also yoga, strength training and I think aerobics.  Once you put in your profile, the trainer comes up with a program that she thinks if right for you, but you can over ride that if you want.  

goku - you hang in there - everything will turn out for you.  Just make a plan of action for your eating while you are at your parent's and stick to it.  Hopefully, everyone will understand what you are trying to do and respect that.  And please - you need more than V8 fusion and vitamins to keep you going!!  This is about developing a healthy diet as a permanent life style, not just dropping a few pounds temporarily.  Good luck with all this - you can handle it!!
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My apartment complex has a free exercise room with some outdated, but adequte, equipment.  I toss the idea of joining a gym around in my mind a lot.  Pool access, more numerous and modern machines would be pros.  Cons are of course $$, extra time, fancier gym duds, and also I'm not sure how long I'll be staying here and lots of places offer better deals on 1 year commitments.  I'm also transitioning to part time at work.  It's hopefully short-term while the dust settles around my health.  So I don't think I'll be joining anytime soon, but it'd be nice.

If you have one at work that could be cost effective and save on time, and maybe you could recruit a buddy.  

I have an elliptical of my own, but it needs a repair.  It's a nordic track, and I bought a service plan, it's just a matter of me calling and scheduling and all of that BS.  I'd had it for less than a year, and was upset about it.  I should really try and get it repaired, though!  When I first started to lose weight, I used it twice a day and it was easier than building up the ambition to get presentable and walk over to the workout room.  Plus the privacy.

I was too embarrassed to go to the exercise room at first, but I finally overcame that sometime last summer.  They have weight machines there, too, though often younger guys hog them (technically no one under 18 is supposed to be there, but even I'm not going to complain since they're being more productive weight lifting than hanging out in the parking lots, which seems to be the other popular afterschool activity!)

I'm not sure if I have a mild sprain or what.  Sometimes, I'm walking along just fine and then if I land just a little bit turned on my foot, BAM!  I'm totally fine on the stair master or elliptical.  I have widespread joint inflammation as part of my other medical nonsense, so I'm not sure if it's part of that, or if maybe it's a small sprain.  Hmmm, maybe I should try wearing an ace bandage on it or something to keep it from bending?

OK, I'll stop my whining for now, I'm procrastinating a difficult task that's due by weeks end...
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I can't wait to try that game barb135.  Sounds like it is definitely useful.
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