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Workout videos

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good workout vidoes for at home exercise.  Having young children at home makes it difficult to get out to a gym or aerobics class, but I really want to start exercising more.  Are there any videos out there that offer a good cardio workout, are easy to follow, and fun?  Thanks for any suggestions.
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I exercise at home and I like it better than going to a gym.  I have collected a large library of tapes, and I alternate different things like cardio, weights, Pilates, yoga, etc.  You'd be surprised where you find tapes. That is, if you don't mind using VHS still.  I pick them up at garage sales and even thrift stores.  Sure they are a bit obsolete, but you can just ignore stuff about them that you don't like and for example do the stretching, you know?  You also have to look past the 80s lycra outfits and headbands!  
I often see older Kathy Smith tapes, she's great for starting out.  Some Jane Fonda is actually still pretty good.   You can grab them for a buck or two, so if you hate it, it's not a big investment.
Look in stores like T J Maxx and Target.  You can find cheap tapes in the tape/DVD section of stores and music stores.  
Try videofitness dot com   You can look up what other home exercisers thought of a tape, it's fantastic.  They review every tape that is out there.  I read recommendations and then order new ones on line.   Cathe Fredreich is wonderful, so is Christi Taylor if you like step.  There are millions of tapes and DVDs out there!
Have fun!
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I don't have any tape recommendations but I wanted to tell you that gyms these days have a daycare in them. My kids LOVE to go. They beg us days we take off- "PLEASE can we go to the gym!!!!"
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My kids love to go to the gym daycare too.  I am a little intimidated by the gym because of all the skinny people around and I feel like a big, out of shape whale around them but I guess that is what we're there for - to lose weight.
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When I go to the gym I wear a sweat shirt and sweat pants. No one has any idea what I look like and I don't care. But when I reach my goal I will walk in with a cute gym stlye outfit :)
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