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I'm not a fan of working out, and in reality who is... But since I just turned 18 I absolutely need to lose weight! I'm about to go to college and I don't want to weigh 263lbs! Anyway it is really embarrassing to go to a gym and my family gives me no support so I never do it at home. Where should I workout?? Should I just tough trough it and get a gym membership? The problem is there has to be a gym that is open at 11 since that would be my only time to workout. What should I do? Should I just continue to do vigorous house work and walking the dog? Or should I just get a gym membership? Thanks I appreciate it!
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I am sort of in your shoes! Being a highschool senior over 240lbs.
I know that planet fitness is open late and something I have found that helps is giving up soda aswell as exersize!
I gave it up over the summer, I occasionally have a sip or two now and then because it is bad to deny yourself everything!
All I really drink is water and some tea, it was only hard to stop because we always had pop and I work at a place where we can get pop when we need it. However back to the point, I find myself craving water and veggies ( and sometimes pizza)! I love going to a buffet and not even wanting fried anything, and going straight to the steamed veggies and fresh fruit!
It really is a mindset. You CAN do it!
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If you don't like workouts like me, try beach bodys rockin body workout (its kind of like zumba but not as intense). Its super fun and easy. Plus it doesn't look like you're working out, just dancing. Don't let anyone keep you down. You'll get to your goal weight! I believe in you! Same with you morgan1342. :)
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Thank you! Im gonna look into planet fitness and I am going to take your advice on the soda, since it is like available when I am at school and stuff!
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Thanks! I have thought about Zumba-like things alot, I think that I might try that, especially since my school offers things like that!
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