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what are some natural vitamens that would help with depression/ anxiety? I am taking a vit b complex with C and it seems to help a little but wonder if there's something more helpful.
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High dose B12 helps with concentration and motivation. Try Revitapops, they are yummy, too.
You could also try St. johns worth, but be careful, it can mess up your skin on the long term.
Overall, if its only mild depression, a balanced diet rich in fruits and veggies and raw nuts and fish can help a great deal, since your body takes what it needs out of the food.(many people forget they need essential oils for the brain)
A daily walk outside helps, too, since sunlight plays a great role with seasonal depression disorder, especially in winter.
Good luck!
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you need a shrink and possibly real meds the holistic crap dont work on disorders that need workups and treatments i am bipolar and borderline personality without meds and counseling major problems have had swat team at apartment and then police another time and threatened to be put away but then meds and a shrink monitoring them better moods less manic fighting etc
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sorry to hear it doesnt work for you. For myself it seems to work well. I also started taking rescue remedy stress relief  from super supplimentstaking this i feel i have less anxiety with my young children.  Counseling and meds from doctors are great for those who need stronger meds.  My parents both are in your situation and need higher meds. Best of luck.
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Hi. I'm 16 and I'm just a athletic kid that loves basketball and I'm honestly a super outgoing person and I make people laugh I'm super social. But in September after youth group I had listened to my youth leader and another guy talk about end stuff and then I went home read all the revaluation stuff, I was up late reading it but when I was done I went to goto bed and had a panic attack my first on ever. Except when I was little I had night terrors. So panic attack and then the day after I just had terrible anxiety I felt super uncomfortable couldn't eat for like 4 days everything was super crappy. And I talked to my parents that didn't help. Anyways it got a lot better after a week or so cause I just kept myself busy but i was always thinking about being anxious and why I felt that way cause I've never had this happens months went by but things got better I had good weeks and bad weeks but I didn't get anxious over the end times stuff I was just anxious. There was a point in November where I as completely fine everything was great but I still thought about it. December was good but after Christmas I started thinking about it a lot more and I just started getting real depressed life just feels a little meaningless but I'm trying to find meaning. I believe in God but it's so hard cause I can't see him. Life isn't the same as it was before all this happens. I keep pushing through cause I feel like this will just all go away. I've talked to my dad a bunch and it helps but no matter what I just always think about it whether it be a lot or just one thought here are there. Need help
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Hi Siro, you need someone to talk to you say you believe in God, do you go to Church and if so is there someone there you can talk to? Your Doctor could also advise. Mental health can be helped by a good diet,fresh air etc as mentioned, but if this isn't enough for you to self regulate you need to speak up and get help. It's a very common experience for teenagers so there is lots of professionals that can help. You've done the first most difficult step, anaysed how you feel and spoken up, now please find someone close by to talk too. Best wishes.  
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