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diet pills

My dr. started me on Bontril 105mg once a day. A friend of mine takes the Bontril 3 times its 15mg. Anybody know which works best. She is stating to lose alittle. Adipex dosn't help me
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Hi and welcome!  I don't think you will find many people on here who are taking diet pills, but hopefully you will get a few responses.  

Also would SO like to encourage you in areas you probably know already, but might appreciate a reminder...?  Diet pills alone are NOT the answer.  Eating healthfully and exercising are still going to be your best *pals* in long-term weight loss - and the ONLY side effect is losing weight!

Check out elaine1961 !!!  If you go to her profile page and read about her (better yet, look through past posts on here), you WILL be inspired.  She has lost over  100 pounds!

Go to our CL's profile page, too!  She has also lost over 100 pounds.  She is Ranaesheart.  

I really want YOU to be encouraged that YOU can do this!!!  Coming here is a great place for fun and encouragement.  Read lots of posts and keep coming back!
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Never take Bontril but bought on pharmacy-24h.com Xenical. Results are really good but in complex with diet and sport. I am sure no meds can help without diet and exercises
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Diet pills won't work by themselves - you will need to eat sensibly and moderate exercise.  In addition, most often any weight lost with diet pills usually comes back once you go off them.  You will need to make changes that will sustain you over the long haul.  

Would love to see you take twehner5's advice and check out some of the journals and posts from others who have been successful.  And don't let her fool you, twehner5 has done quite well for herself too.
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