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energy and protien bars

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I think I've been gaining weight because I have recently been eating energy bars.  Are they "bad" for you?
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Hi there,
The calorie content of energy bars usually range from as few as 95 calories up to nearly 500 calories. Energy bars for weight gain do contain fats and carbohydrates in large amount .These bars can never compete a healthy nutritious diet. Consult a doctor before taking these energy bars.For both weight gain and weight loss diet and exercise play a very important role. Consult a nutrition expert. Do keep us posted.
Best of luck and regards!
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Have you looked at the calorie content?  It seems like if you have, you would already know if they're causing you to gain weight.  Look at the calories before you eat it next time.  Most protein bars are meant for people who are already fit and are looking to gain muscle.  For someone who is trying to lose weight and already is somewhat overweight, this will translate into fat.  Try meal replacement bars instead.  Those are often anywhere from 100 to 200 calories and are tastier and just as filling.  Watch the sugar on anything, though.  These bars all contain a high amount of sugar which can burn out energy levels, feed cravings, and cause fat gain.
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