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hello all

My name is Paula, I'm 41 & have 3 children,  divorced and am a full time student. I found myself gaining almost everyday with bad eating habits and no exercise.
My daughter's teacher is getting married & told me about the diet she is on. I decided its time to stop gaining & start losing!!  I started at 240.4 lbs my goal is to lose as much as possible by Christmas. I don't want to be the fatest person at our Christmas reunion in Gatlinburg,  TN.
I'm on my 5th day of my diet and I'm down 5 lbs. Its tough I'm hungry, and I just keep reminding myself of my ultimate goal.
I'm here looking for some support and wish everyone the best!  I'm hoping if I can continue to see the lbs come off that will keep me motivated to keep going.
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Hi Paula

Welcome to the forum.  We'll do whatever we can to help you.  

If you're hungry all the time, on this diet, it may not be the best one for you.

Can you tell us what kind of diet it is, and what types of food you are eating, along with portion sizes?  

Are you getting any exercise, at all?
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Thanks for the welcome. I'm currently ending day 3 of phase two on the HCG diet. My hunger was much better today, infact I finally ate lunch at 2:30 because it was getting so late.  
I found some great recipes for the 500 calories a day foods on the protocol. I know there is a lot of controversy about this diet, but I was willing to take a chance. So far it has paid off. I'm very motivated and want to stay that way.
Currently I have not added exercise. But once the kids are out of school I usually get more exercise.
Thanks for any suggestions and motivation.
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I'm sorry, I can't give a whole lot of suggestions or motivation for the HCG diet, because there is no real science that supports it.  While you may lose weight initially on it, chances are you will regain it all, plus some, because the diet is not meant to be sustained long term and as soon as you go off from it and return to a normal diet, you'll regain all the weight.

A 500 calorie/day diet is basically a starvation diet.  It's not the HCG that causes you to lose weight, it's the lack of calories.... which also puts you at risk of not getting enough nutrients to keep yourself healthy.

Weight loss isn't easy; you need to come up with a healthy eating plan that will work for you/your lifestyle then stick with it.  Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week.   Chances are, you didn't gain the weight overnight, you can't lose it overnight either.

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That's exactly why I do not tell people what diet I'm on. Thanks for proving my point.

It's sad that even though I was willing to put myself out there, all I get in return is negative comments.

Regardless of what type of diet you or anyone else is on, if they were only seeking some emotional support, I say good for them. At least we are trying something, I never asked for your permission or approval on what weight loss program works for me.
Good Luck in your journey.
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Hello Paula, I know it's the hard to keep the momentum to try a type of diet and knowing whether it will work will take some time (worth a try, would like to hear your results in couple weeks time). :) How long are you planning to stay on this diet? I was trying so many ways, exercise, eating small meals and trying to get pills or detox method to achieve it. Well, it didn't achieve what I was planning too. But currently, I am using this method where you eat brekkie (plain brekkie but heavy) and lunch normal and dinner just fruits and yogurt. It did work, you can try it after your diet plan if it didn't work as what you want. But take care and continue to be motivated!
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Thanks for the encouragement! I will be happy to give an update in a few weeks. So much of it is mental, some days are easier than others.  Good luck to you!
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I'm sorry you took my comments "negative".  I just don't like to see people trying to lose weight in ways that aren't healthy or don't work, long term.  

Science has proven that the success for the HCG diet is due to the restricted calories.  As soon as you start eating "normal" again, the weight will almost always come back.
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