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help me please on the way of health

Hi i am 26 years old mother of 2 , one is 3 years old and little one is 3 months old.i am 165 cm and weight is 245 pounds(horrible)
i just joined the gym 2 weeks ago. and doing 45 minutes cardio and bit of weight training.
i try to eat 1500 calories a day.
do u rhink it is enough to lose weight as i have not lost anything past 2 weeks(started).

i want to lose 100 pounds please give me suggestins . Tell me how u guys lost 100 pounds if u have any success pleasr share your victory.thanx
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1500 calories seems a little low. Honestly I started at 235 lbs (same height and relative age -22 when I started loosing), had low activity, and found that a 1600 calorie diet worked best for me. If you don't get enough calories, your body decided to go into starvation mode and you will either stagnate or not loose anything. Also are you breast feeding? How many times do you go to the gym? How much does your 3 year old run around? All these are calories being burned and if you're not putting enough into your body that could cause a big problem. Knowing how much activity my nieces and nephews put me through and how much weight you currently are I suggest you boost right up to 1600 calories and see how you're body is feeling. If your breast feeding you might want to consider going higher.

Before you started your diet, do you know how many calories you were consuming? Before I started my diet I was at about 1800-2000 (with my stress days being below 1300). Jumping straight to the 1450 calorie diet I'm on now probably would have been too much for my body. Big changes can stress your body out causing weight retention.

Also how many times do you go to the gym? It's recommended to give your body a day or two of rest a week and to keep training under 2 hours so not to stress your body out.

Now what are you eating? Canned and packaged foods have tons of sodium and lets face it junk in them. I'm not just talking about the donuts and packaged sweets but frozen dinners and hamburger helper meals. These can cause you to retain weight and miss out on important nutrients. Again, speaking from personal experience, what helped me was to remove everything in a box or wrapper from my list. All my sauces, veggies, mixes, etc. are home made and froze a head of time for those quick meals. With a kids around this might be a good idea for you if you haven't done it already. I keep Taco seasoning, spaghetti sauce, pesto all on hand so on a day I'm not feeling up to cooking I can just mix and eat. Also all the lunches here are frozen left overs. Helps to save time by making a large amount of a healthy meal and saving it.

Make sure you're getting enough fiber and water (about 2 liters a day), fruits (2-3) and veggies (5+), lean meats (chicken breast, fish, game), low fat dairy, and whole grains. You also need to make sure you're getting enough fats in a day, these will come through meat and dairy but having nuts, boiled eggs, avocados, coconut in your diet are good ways of making sure you're getting enough fats. Personally I have a big problem with getting enough fat in my diet due to gallbladder issues (every time I have more than 10-12 grams of fat I get very very sick). Having a little bit of fat in every meal- nuts in breakfast, avocado on a sandwich (in place of mayo), and coconut milk or meat in the occasional curry or snack really helps make sure I'm getting enough to get me through the day.

Also - I have never in my life lost weight until recently. I was obese at 12. I have a thyroid problem that was only acknowledged and treated recently. In the month after I started taking my thyroid meds I lost 10 lbs. I strongly suggest you get your thyroid tested. Ask for a free T3 and T4 reading as well as the standard TSH, because they are much more accurate at showing what the thyroid is doing. Even the best diet and exercise can be derailed by a wonky thyroid so it's not something to ignore.

It's also vital you forgive yourself on bad days/weeks. They happen, forgive yourself and try again. It's not easy to loose weight, it's not easy to fight temptation, but if you don't give up you will get there.

As far as your goals go- try to have them tangible. When I first started loosing weight I didn't think I would be able to. I never have before, why is this any different? But every 10 lbs is a real achievement. My next goal is 79kgs which is umm 180lbs ish? Anyway I will finally be under that obese BMI and that's huge. I'll still be overweight, but I'm going to celebrate that 29 bmi with a new dress and some dancing shoes. Every day is still a challenge but I can see that horizon right in front of me and I know I'll get there.

Finally I want to point out, I've lost over 40 lbs- in almost 2 years. It took me 22 years to reach my heaviest so this weight isn't going to come off over night. It can be very frustrating to see the scales dance back and forth so keep in mind that: 1 this weight comes off slowly, 2 weight can vary due to bowel movements and water so try not to weigh yourself more than once a week and make sure it's at the same time of day, 3 gaining muscle will cause you to loose inches not weight so measure yourself at about once a month, and 4 the number or size should never be the ultimate goal- being healthy is. My 'goal' weight is 126lbs, but if I get down to 130 and feel amazing, I'm not going to worry about those extra 4 lbs.  I'm still 50+ lbs overweight but I feel much healthier than I ever did and that's what's important.

Good luck!
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I also forgot to point out that my gallbladder is on the fritz and the surgeon I met with said it could be due to either my thyroid causing problems or my weigh loss being too fast. So keep in mind loosing weight too fast can be a problem too.
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Thanx dear i do not breast feed. i burn  500 , 600 calories at gym and will try to take 1600 calories. as for before i was overweight before but not obese as i am now. i gained weight from last 4 years about 25, 30 kg i gained.just because my way of eating and especially indian diets. u know full of fats and carbs. i am still taking indian diey just avoiding too much oils in my currys . and rice and chapati(whole wheat bread type). hopefully i will lose weight and get my dream body :-)
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Ahh yes, love curry foods and my gallbladder hate it. If you make them at home see if you can add half the amounts of oils. I found that many recipes can have half the amount of fat added without harming the flavor too much.
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    i was convinced to try and eat this back of the tree but i was till very skeptical in my attempts i thought if i raise my hopes and ones more it prove abortive i am going to be very depressed. i was mid way between happiness and confusion, i thought if it works then my people will see a new me and if it doesn't then i don't wanna return to America, because the people in this village love me like i have never been love before. So i was kind of confused to tried. Untill some time later when i had a serious malaria and i was about to be carried to the near by town, then this back of the tree was boiled and given to me to take as tea, i refuse at first instance, but my body was getting weaker and weaker then my father forced me to take because he promise me that he had done so before that it is gonna be alright. And when i took a glass of this boiled back of the tree i felt into a deep sleep. And only wake up the next morning. When i woke up my body was very strong and healthy, i felt like i could even run.
    It really amazing what the medicine could do. So due to that i started taking the back of the tree as tea and even eating some of it. I realized that the more i take it the more i loose my huge appetite and the more i felt less hungry. While i was taking it i was just doing to avoid malarial not infect me ones again, little to my surprise did i know i was loosing weight at a very rapid rate. I wasn't expecting to loose weight so i didn’t noticed. And couple with the work that i and my dad was doing it didn't occur to me the way i look. It was one occasion when i was working with my dad and he made the statement, baby are you still stressing i said no and asked why? he said it is like i have loose allot of weight, i thought he was just pulling some stunts on me, i never wanted to take him seriously for what he was saying. I was very skeptical to stand on a weighing machine i thought if i do and find out that i am still the same it will traumatize me.
   I force my self in doing so and guest what i found out! i have loose 110 pounds, i thought i was dreaming, i thought i was in a fairy world or what. then i found out it was real because the villagers when they see me they use their hands to describe my new look.
the moment I realized that the back of the tree was working for me i started taking it for weight loss purpose and it has enable loose another extra 70 pounds. What i realized with this back of the tree is that cut down my appetite for food, regenerate working energy in me and cut down my size. I have send this back of the tree call Nenwikoh to many of my friends and they said sure it does reduce appetite level to 10% or even lesser to some people. One of my Father's and i  who is a dietician have been studying this plant for the past 5 years, and we have realized that it does not have any site affect because the local indigenes have been using it for generation upon generations and they are even healthier and leave longer than most westerners. I have send it ot a couple of friend and they have tried and confirmed it. Right now we are the stage of seeing how we can bring pharmaceutical companies from Europe and America to see how they can produce these trees in large quantities and process it right in the local community were we discovered it. And that is where we having problems because they don't want to do production right where it was discovered. The moment we find a company that will sign to do production from where the product was found then i am assure it will be out in the market for others to enjoy
If in case you want to try and cut down your size then i will send it for you free. Just as i was in dismay and found my blessing in what i thought was a curse i want to use it now to bless others. Just contact me through my Address then i will send some for you to try free of charge: ***@****  
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That's amazing how well this drug worked for you but keep in mind that there are a lot of weight loss drugs out there and many alternative things do work. HOWEVER, if you do not have good healthy habits you will just put the weight back on. I have seen my mom loose 20-80 lbs on many different diets and pills and such but she has never put into habit good diet and exercise routine so she has always gained back this weight. So even though you've used it to great effects, remember nothing will replace healthy habits.
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Try doing zumba..and eating a half of graprfruit after each meal they are good for fat burning
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Amandandiks thanx dear but i am trying for a lifestyle change. i have used so many things and diets but the end result is i always depressesd and not happy even i was losing some weight.it is because i know that its not a solition for long term. i need yo change my fat thinking.my fears my thought and stay calm on changing lifestyle which i am finding hard and feeling fedup someway
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Ducky406 you are right dear. i need to change my self. just keep motivate me. i fee it hard sometime on lots of different suggestions of doing this and that.
i feel like it is not my life it is just for others.to pass comments on me. and i am like some fatty stupid who jusy knw eating and eating. i love to live a normal life. i want to show the person inside my fatty body.
it is like a long way to go. just sharing some stupid thoughts ruling my mind.
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Naiya25 thanx dear i am going to try zumba next week. i will give a try to eating grapefruits afyer my meal
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Try eating the grapefruit before the meal; it will help blunt your appetite. Or drink a large glass of water.  Or eat an apple........  Or fill your plate with lots of veggies.

And don't forget to exercise....... walking is one of the best exercises you can do.

Have you had your thyroid tested to make sure it's not under active?  Under active thyroid will make weight loss nearly impossible......

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The truth is there are many of us who have extra pounds and rolls and feel like that. I haven't been in a normal healthy range since I was in first grade and I can tell you first hand people are mean. But when it comes down to it it doesn't matter how you look, it's how you feel. I've only lost 40 of the 100lbs I needed so far. I go out and I feel fat yes- but that's not who I am and I know that and so does everyone worth knowing. Loosing weight isn't easy and takes a lot of work, but it's not impossible. I do have to warn you though, if you don't love yourself now you're not going to love yourself when you're slimmer.
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