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how can a kid lose weight at a good pace?

hi. i am a 13 year old male and i am at risk for being overweight. in order to make the soccer team  which i am trying to do this cannot be a problem. so right now i am 125 lbs at 5 foot 1 inch and was wondering if there is anyway i could lose 30 lbs in 5 months? what excersises should i do and what should i eat? any advice would be much appreciated. thanks.
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I am very surprised you feel you need to lose that much weight.  I just copied this from the internet and according to its calculations the healthy weight for you would be between 104 and 127 and that is where you are.  

Healthy Weight for Men
Allow 110 pounds for 5 feet.
If you are taller, add an extra 6 pounds per inch.
If you are shorter, subtract 6 pounds per inch.
The acceptable weight range will be 10 per cent either side of the final figure.

Example of Healthy Weight (Men)
If you are 5 feet 10 inches, allow yourself 110 pounds plus 10 x 6 pounds. This totals 170 pounds. The healthy weight range for a man of 5 feet 10 inches is therefore approximately 153-187 pounds.

You are also going to be experiencing rapid growth and it is important that you are eating enough nutrients to support it.  You should talk to your coach and doctor before making any changes to your eating habits.

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This is a calculation I derived from ****.***

According to yuor measurments your

Ideal weight range - between 97.91 and 132.31 pounds

Your current weight is in normal range

As Trudie says as you are still growing up and am not sure why you want to lose so much weight. It is always good to talk to your physician regarding this.

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the reason for it is that it slows me down and id like to get rid of it so i can run faster and you need to run fast to be on the team...anyway what kind of nutrients do i need? can i get them from everday foods or vitamins or what??? thanks for your help and i appreciate it all
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If you eat a good balanced diet you can get all your nutrients from that.  It never hurts to take a good multi-vitamin.
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Thank you for your inquiry and see you have received some wonderful advice.  If you eat a good balanced diet and continue with your running and moderate exercise, your weight will balance out.  You may want to talk with your coach and/or your parents for their advice and guidance as well ..

Very best wishes ..
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thanks a lot everyone....so you think i should just run for excersise? how long? but just yesterday i took out all the junk food, well almost all, and im hopin to go healthy :-) thanks again
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