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how can i loose weight when i have type 1 diabeties????

i need too loose weight and fast
i look down at my stomach and feel physicaly sick!!!! its disgusting i also have type 1 diabeties and that doesnt help me to be honest!
i used to eat rubbish then eat very little all that did was taking the bloating away for a day or 2
i seriously need help to get rid of this fat!!!!!!
i constantly check my weight every time im in the bathroom and its worrying me
please just give me a helping hand !!!!!

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Welcome to our forum.........

My son and grandson are also type I diabetics..  Neither of them have a weight problem, but I do have a sister who is also type I diabetic who has been overweight most of her life.  I'm telling you these things so you know that I understand what you are talking about.  

Can you tell us something about yourself?  Height, weight, goals, what types of things you eat, exercise you like to do.  Do you have your diabetes under control?  

That will get us started; then we can proceed from there.  
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im 5 foot 2 inches i weigh 10stone 3
i wanna be able to enjoy my life without getting nackerd everytime i walk up the stairs!!!!!! im on a diet of chicken salads ect and i go to the gym my diabeties is now under controle
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Okay, I don't know "stones" for measurement, so you didn't make it real easy for me, but I figured out that 10 stone 3 = 140 lbs.  Assuming this is correct, I imported a bit of a height/weight chart that pertains to you and I come up with the following:  

Height                Small Frame         Medium Frame              Large Frame
  5'2"                      108-121               118-132                          128-143

I don't know the size of your bones - small, medium, large, but you aren't necessarily overweight.......

That said, it seems that you are mostly concerned about your stomach, but you need to look at your entire body.  You can't really "spot reduce", so you need to come up with a plan that will help your overall health/weight.

Now for some more questions:   what types of things do you eat?  Do you like to eat fruits and veggies, milk, meats, etc?  what, if any, exercise to you get?
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i eat a lot of fruit and veg
i go to the gym
my mum produces a healthy diet for me like chicken plenty of veg ect ......
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Do you know approx how many calories/day you eat?  Or how many calories/day you burn off with exercise?  

It also makes a different what type of exercise you get.  You need a balance between cardio and strength training.

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i used to be 189 now i'm 233 and i contracted diabeatis
i'm only5.9in tall and i want to get back to whaT I USED to be.
im tryerd of being fat.  IM 56YEAR'S OLD

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Hi there, and welcome to our forum.

Do you have type I or type II diabetes?  How long have you had it, and are you on any medication for it?

Type I diabetes requires medication, such as insulin shots; while type II diabetes can often be controlled with diet and exercise.  

Maybe you could give us an idea of what your typical diet and exercise are, and we could help come up with simple changes that help get you started.  

We also have a new weight loss challenge that just started yesterday, if you'd care to join us, just sign up on the Challenge post, set a small goal and come along for the ride.
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Sorry - it just registered that you have type I diabetes.  Everything else I said in my post above goes.  Have you looked into a low glycemic diet?  Or the Mediterranean diet?  
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