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how to loose weight

I am 15 years old ...n weight is 74 kg ....n height 5.4 ft   ....my weight is increasing at a very high rate ....I hav tried many thing like gm diet ....but there is no results ....at present I am drinking green tea  n practicing some physical exercise ....I can't go for walk due to my busy schedule
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If your weight is increasing at a high rate, you should ask your doctor to check the function of your thyroid gland.  Your thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland situated at the front of your lower neck and it produces hormones that control your metabolism, heart rate, body temperature and many other body functions.  If your thyroid isn't producing enough hormones, your metabolism will decrease and you will gain weight rapidly.  Ask to have TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tested.  

Aside from that, you will need to eat healthy foods, such as lots of vegetables, protein, some fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy fats in the right amount of calories for your body.  You don't have to walk, but physical exercise is necessary to help build muscle and burn calories.
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No I am not suffering from throid ...
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Maybe pick up a stationary bike at a garage sale. Get up an hour early to ride it and you can study at the same time.
  Drink plenty of water. Also lemon water is good 1 hour before meals.
Always stop eating when you still feel hungry. The brain doesn't register that you are full for 20 min after your last bite of food.
  Select natural foods. Stay away from processed foods with empty calories.
  Don't drink soda. Not even diet soda.
For snacks have carrots and celery already cut up and ready so you won't be tempted by the wrong foods.
  Fish and vegetables steamed are a good dinner. Salad for lunch with just balsamic vinegar dressing. Soup. Home made is the best. Fruit and egg whites for breakfast. It takes awhile for metabolism to change. Keep doing the right things. I know you are pressed for time, but joining a gym and going everyday for aerobics and weight training will get you faster results. Maxy
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you can hold a diet, but if you think that is not the right one you can ask a doctor. But as you said if you're busy then you should just try to eat in a normal way but everyday a bit less.

If you're body is trained fast to eat less, than you will always go up and down with your weight.
But if you train your body to eat everyday less, in 2 weeks  you will be full if you want to eat more.

Just try to let carbs or fats less like chocolate or chips.
For a snack you can try an apple, if only 1 is not right eat another fruit.

You know if you are to fast you can get sick but if you try slow you will see the difference.

I made it exactly like i wrote here. And everyday im loosing a bit weight.

So don't give up! And good luck ❤️
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