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how to lose weight fast

what are the easiest ways to lose weight?
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Most of the ways that will help you lose weight "fast" are not healthy for you and once you stop doing what you are/were doing, you will most likely gain back whatever weight you lost, plus some........

It's generally figured that losing about 1-2 pounds/week is the safest; that's not fast, but if you actually make "lifestyle changes" that you can stick with, you will be better prepared to keep off whatever you lose.  

We'll be glad to help you, if you'd like........
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If it's a quick weight loss, it's a quick weight gain. Don't restrict a lot of foods quickly. Just make a few changes with your diet, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and have patience. It's worth it.
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Ranseq said it right -- quick loss, will result in a quick gain.  Making small changes - one at a time - will be the easiest and best way for you to lose weight.  Of course, you will have to combine eating changes with adequate exercise, but it's doable.  

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