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i hate my weight!!

I have been doing weight watcher here at home for about a year now and we have been doing a workout every day at home for about a year also and I cant lose the weight! I am only 5'0 and i weight about 130. I have had 4 kids and three of them were c-sections. I am also cut up and down with my c-sections. I have really really bad stretch marks on my belly and thighs. I can get the belly flab gone and I cant seem to get rid of my stretch marks. I have really bad self esteem already and to have all this makes it worse! I just want to look good in a bathing suit. I am getting really discouraged that I cant lose the weight! I only want to lose another 10 pounds or so and cant do it. It makes it really hard to be motivated to do anything when you dont see any changes! I have lost about 20 pounds already since I had my 2 year old but what so bad to lose the rest! I could really use some encouragement! thank you! Is there help for me! we dont make a ton of money so any surgeries are out of the question but there has be something out there for me to do that wont cost a lot of money! HELP!! thank you
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You are not alone. Great job loosing what you have so far. How did you do it? Are you doing the same thing? I am not an expert by any means ia m not sure how to loose belly fat other than doing ab exercises.Have you tried Pilate? There are a lot of exercise tape/dvds out their. As for motivation? I am haveing the same problem. I am working part time b/c I was hurt at work in March, I have found myself being so lazy. I sleep late in the day, eat watch tv be on computer. Do you have a friend who is tring to loose weight or need to get in shape that would help you get motivated? Try something with your kids. Good luck. Feel free to drop me a note if you need to chat.
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I hate my stretchmarks too, but unfortunately unless you get surgery they will never completely go :o(  I use Bio-oil and it does work at making them less visible but you have to religiously apply it twice a day, every day, and it takes about 12weeks to see a difference. I think you just learn to live with them and realize it's one of the prices we pay for having kids (and bad skin genetics! Lol). My cousin says to look at them like it's braille for "I love my children", which is sweet :o) Another thing that APPARENTLY works (I haven't tried it myself) is Derma-rollers, check them out online maybe...
On the issue of belly fat-- cut down on carbs. It really works, I just don't have the willpower to stick with it myself for longer than a month at a time... For that month though it's lovely and flat!  Motivation is really hard when you're doing it on your own, isn't it? I've found that a chart (weight or exercise or food, whatever) in a visible place makes me want to stick to it more, but really I need a goal, something to aim for... Well done on all the weight you lost already :o) I'd be ecstatic if I lost the 20lbs I'm aiming for! Good luck with it all!
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wow you are not big at all. am 5 to and weight 144, been around 115-120 all my life am 51 now and i know am over weight but will not drive myself crazy with worry. ww is a good start , i lost lost weight when all i did was drink water and cut out all fats in my diet if it was more then 5 grams of fat i did not eat it. i also walked twice a day on the treadmill. i keep it off for 4 years i was wearing a size 2. one day i might do it again but at my age 144 is not to bad, dont stress it, your healthy and not over weight by my drs chart at 5 we should weight 125
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Well, it sounds like all three of you certainly have the desire to lose the weight.  

I don't know what to tell you about the stretch marks; I've seen advertisements for creams, etc but I don't know if they work or not.  I like the idea that stretch marks are braille for "I love my children" -- how true it is.

As for the weight; the best thing is to figure out how many calories you should be eating/day, then figure out diet that will let you achieve that.  If you try sticking to lots of fruits and veggies (mostly veggies, since fruits generally have more calories) - you should get at least 5-6 servings of combined fruits/veggies.  Go for low/no fat dairy, whole grains, lean meats, fish, etc.

I think losing weight is more about portion control that giving up certain food groups.

As for exercise, there are tons of dvds that you can work out to, so you won't get bored; my favorite is "Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss".  Yoga is actually an awesome type of exercise; it stresses balance, stretching, etc and is calming as well.  Unfortunately, I have been "back sliding" lately and not exercising like I should, so I'm not doing well, but a while back after doing the Yoga for Weight Loss every day for about 2 weeks, I'd lost about 6 pounds - that was not changing my eating habits.

Additionally, walking is great exercise as well. 30 minutes/day will go a long way toward melting fat from all parts of the body; and if you can't do it all in one shot, split it up into 3 sessions of 10 min/ea.  

If you'd like some help figuring out your calorie needs, please feel free to ask.  Also, I recommend taking a look at the MedHelp's food diary in which you can track everything that goes into your mouth.  That will help you pin point areas in which you may need to cut back or increase.  

There's also the exercise and weight trackers that are good.  

We're here to help; just tell us what you need.
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I hope everyone is having success with their diet plans. I have tried many things in my 40 years to help me lose a few pounds. It gets frustrating after a while when you aren’t seeing any results. I believe that drinking water only and doing about 45 minutes of cardio helps out a ton. I do that like 3 times a week and I joined a program called newtopia that i’m seeing great results from.

I wish everyone the best
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We all have to try different things and figure out what works for us.  

What's the newtopia program you are using?
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