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like to join forum

I have a very real problem with binge eating. I have chronic pain and depression issues. But I'm aware that my weight only makes matters worse. I am diebtic so a balanced low calarie food plan is important. I need support, I can't do it alone.
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Hey finsright.
There's reasons for binge eating. You are self medicating with food.
Look into deficiencies that you may have.
Check  chromium levels ( glucose tolerance factor)
Magnesium Deficiencies ( Chocoholism and sugar cravings).
Your favorite foods are your biggest offenders.
That's where you will find some answers for your problems.
It is nice that you're reaching out.
However, I think, counselling, may be the best and safest approach.
A diabetic coma, is definitely something you do not want to have.  

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I understand I need medical. I see a specialist  and a  phya. Does this mean I should not be in this group. What I want is support to stay on my food plan. Eating from supper to bed time is not good for me and that's what I need help with
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You are welcome to be in this group.  Please tell us how we can best help you.  

We've just started a new weight loss challenge you might like to join, as well.  

You are right - eating from supper to bed time is not good for you.  Are you eating because you are bored, lonely?  If you eat because you are bored, you might try finding a hobby that will keep you busy during that time; if you are lonely, maybe calling/visiting a friend might help.  Just a couple of suggestions; as we get to know you, maybe we'll have more.

Also eating a diet rich in protein and fiber will keep you filled up, so maybe you won't feel so hungry, plus there are a lot of foods that are low calorie, so you can eat all you want.  
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Thank you, I'm trying to follow the diet the nutrisnast gave me when I was first dianosed. I think boredom and depression are the main reasons I eat. By the end of the day the pain kicks in really bad so I lay in bed and watch TV.  Then I get in self pity mode and decide I deserve to eat. I love crafts but hands hurt to much. I think I'm going to try some larger crafts. The main thing is being held reasonable for my behavior
So I think things like the tracker and the challenge would be great for me. Thank you
So much! Gail
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I don't mean to be personal, but do you live alone?  have a job?

Can you tell us about the pain? Do you have a particular medical problem that causes it, such as osteo-arthritis, RA, MS, etc?   Is it muscle/joint? Do you take any type of med to relieve it?

It's easy to get into self pity mode when we hurt; the thing is - you can't pick up food every time you are in pain, laying in bed, watching TV........ nope, we won't let you do that.  I can give you all kinds of tips/hints, and I don't want to sound harsh, but when it's all said and done, YOU are the one who has to be accountable..  YOU have to decide whether you will take control and get the weight off, which will, maybe, help with the pain, or if you'd rather lay in bed, watch TV and eat...  your decision; we're only here to encourage and help you follow through.  

I, too like crafts....... what kinds do you like to do?  I work long hard days, so don't have a lot of time, these days, but I do some woodworking, when I can...... plus, over the years, I've done tons of other things........
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You have come to the right place.  Barb135 has been here a long time and is faithful and knowledgeable. There are also a lot of caring people here who might be in the same boat as you...like chronic pain.  I have been in chronic pain since 2007 but it has been worse since my most recent surgery (knee) this past Feb.

I lost over 65 lbs starting almost 5 years ago and have kept MOST of it off for 4 years now. I am back now to tweak things and offer and receive support - and maybe you and I can help each other.  I tend to eat for any and every emotion, but I have decided I *refuse* to eat for pain or boredom.  I have worked too hard to get where I am.  

If this is any help, I found in my weight loss of 5 years ago that much of it was a "decision" and NOT a "feeling".  I have to remind myself of that frequently.  I also have to tell myself that *CAN* do this and it helps a lot.  I am tired, because I get up before 4.  I am going to go to bed, but we will see you more, I hope.  Keep posting.  That is key to success.  Good luck !
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