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need to loose 70 lbs

I too am about 70 lbs over weight .
I am looking for a realistic starting point. Unlike the add all over the net. loose 30 lbs in 2 weeks ! lol
I think my onset of weight was my depression. I know the exercise is the best thing for depression . Ok well back to my Question . I am a 41 year old male . just looking for a good starting point for getting back into shape.
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You've taken the first step by joining the WL&D Community and we thank YOU very much for joining us!  You have a realistic attitude about losing weight so you have already passed two of your most difficult steps.

Here's some realistic steps that may help you ...

1.  Implement the Food Diary here on MedHelp and start tracking everything that you eat .. and be honest with yourself.  It will give you the feedback you need to make choices.

2.  Start making some lifestyle changes that lead you to lean meats that are baked, broiled or grilled ... try to avoid deep fat frying and heavy breadings that add calories.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and try many of them to broaden your taste range.  Sometimes when we first start making these changes, the natural sugars found in the fruits do not taste as sweet as the processed foods we sometimes are used to eating ... example a strawberry versus strawberry pie.  You can use an artificial sweetener to help bridge that gap if you find you need a sweeter taste for a while .. but as you move forward and your tastes change, you will yearn for the natural sweetness of the fruits and will find it is very sweet by itself.  Start changing your breads and pasta to whole grains and watch portion sizes .. I found it beneficial to eat more protein than grains to keep me feeling fuller longer.  However, whole grains are important as well.  As for dairy products, select low-fat or reduced fat options.  Learn how to start reading labels and make your food choices based on that.

3.  Add the Weight Tracker and track your weight.  I weigh at the same time each day, when I first wake up, and do so without clothes.  This gives me a fairly accurate daily weight.  Some people elect to weigh once a week so if the scale really bothers you, especially initially, then I would suggest once a week.  Participate though and track your weight .. it is a tool to help you make better choices.  If you elect to weigh daily, know the scale can fluctuate up and down a pound or two .. outside of that .. look at your Food Diary, Exercise Tracker or Mood Tracker for the correlation.  It identifies the problem and from there we can make plans and solutions.

4.  Add the Exercise Tracker and start to move.  If you take a look at all the activities on the exercise tracker, it will provide you with many ideas of what fun you can have.  Then, get out there and do something.  You are correct, that exercise elevates your mood.  Fighting a severe depression myself, I called my daughter today and explained I was going walking and then kept her on my cell phone till I was out the door and well on my way ... I felt TREMENDOUSLY better physically, emotionally and self-esteem wise.

5.  Add the Mood Tracker .. this can help us keep track of what is going on in our lives and how we are reacting to it.  Many, many of us who have quite a bit of weight to lose fall into the category of emotional eating.  Can you identify the moods that cause you to eat?   The Mood Tracker will help you do so.  

6.  Change out pop for water.  It will also help if you eat fruit instead of fruit juices as most fruit juices are high in calories and do not provide the fiber found in the fruit itself.  Besides, think of how many fruits it takes to make juice (= calories).

7.  Actively participate in the WL&D community.  Ask questions, share where you are and how you are doing, ask for help and or suggestions.  The members are wonderfully intelligent, they share information and support and encourage us when times are difficult.  

8.  Practice Positive Thinking.  Can't tell you how important that is.  Read positive quotes, positive affirmations, try to figure out why you are depressed.  BELIEVE in YOU!!!  because WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Certainly hope to see you here and that this gives you a starting point.  If you have any questions .. just shout them out .. and Welcome once again to MedHelp and the WL&D Community.

Sunshine wishes ...

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