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new and overwhelmed with 100lbs to lose

hello new friends. I am new to medhelp and need advice. I am over one hundred pounds over weight. I know I could look and feel better by losing weight. I feel extremely overwhelmed by the task at hand. does anyone have any good suggestions on a healthy jumpstart to weightloss? I also have hypothyroidism that i cant afford to treat at this time. i know that alone will make it a challange, but i was hoping to drop a few pounds while i am waiting for insurance.
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First off don't focus on 100 lbs focus on losing the first 1lb and then the first 5lb and then the first 10lb.....break it down....

If you have not already done so set up your weight tracker on here -  aim to lose 1-3lb a week max so your goal date for 100lb should be around January 2010 -  the tracker will put you a target line so you have daily, weekly targets....

You are making a life changing decsion -  you have to be mentally ready and prepared for the battle -  and yep it will be a battle -  as temptation is all around us -  jsutification and procrastination will be your number one enemies... There is no acceptable justification to over eat or eat the wrong things -  they are excuses you will use to help you feel better when you slip up -  but know you will slip up we all do -  but DO NOT procrastinate getting back on your plan -  one bad meal, one bad day is jsut that - it is not failure it is a time to readjust our thinking and grow a bit stronger in our determination.

Don't procrastinate exercise-  move as much as you can, as often as you can....

Here is my plan for starting weight loss program,

1) decide on a goal weight and/or goal measurements

2) decide on a goal date

3) Be realistic – you are aiming to lose 1-3lb a week

4) Plan your weeks menu on a weekend and then shop just to fulfil that menu – don’t buy the extra things that are tempting when you are craving, bored or emotional.

5) Don’t be too hard on yourself -  a bad meal or a bad day is not you off the wagon –it’s a bad day which can be rectified with tomorrows efforts.

6) Eat smaller portions and eat better -  try to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables but don’t cut out any food group -  your body needs carbs, protein, sugar, dairy and yes even fats….be sensible and eat in a way you can eat for the rest of your life-  you are making lifestyle changes not going on a diet with a beginning and end date.

7) MOVE – better eating is a start but your body needs to work harder to lose and sustain the weight loss… your body will quickly adapt to the fuel you put in it -  so keep it surprised.

8) Remember cardio like running, biking, jogging, walking, jumping, jump ropeing raises your heart rate which burns calories faster  - stretching and weights tones your body and helps build muscles which weigh heavier but require more calories to work so more muscle = more calories burned every day.

9) Find things to do you enjoy – if you hate the gym, don’t go… there are lots of exercise videos on Utube that you can do at home that will work just as well.

10) Drink more fluids -  try to drink one glass of water every hour you are awake-  keeps the system flushed -  your metabolism up and your organs working better also staves off hunger feelings.

11) Sleep/rest in bed for 8 hours in 24 where possible.

12) Don’t sit still for more than 30 mins -  even if you are just walking up and down stairs a couple of times.

13) Lean on family and friends for support

14) Avoid situations where you don’t feel in control of your intake.
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Hi welcome i agree with the above,
I started losing weight on the first of april and up to now have lost 95lbs, i wont kid you its not all been plain sailing, i started at the gym they were a great help and food wise i just cut down slowly, if i used to have 2 sandwiches for lunch i cut it down to 1 and lots of side salad, i eat fruit whenever i feel hungry, though i rarley get hungry anymore focus on each pound and each day i still have over 100lbs to go, so dont give up
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Welcome, welcome, Welcome - and thank you for reaching out with your question!

You have already been provided with a wealth of knowledge from Got_To_Do_It and elaine1961, both of whom have lost a lot of weight and are community Success stories.

May I respectfully add, to make a few small changes periodically in a steady stream to change your behavior and food choices.  These are not made overnight.  Implement 1 or 2 and get comfortable and then implement a few more.  It is a lifestyle change that we are making; "diets" do not work long-term.  

Leave to forgive yourself and be as kind to yourself as you are to strangers.

You need and deserve the support of caring and supportive friends.  This community is a wonderful place for that.

What goes in, minus the calories burned, equals your weight. I chose approximately 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day.

Exercise - move - live!  You need this to be healthy and it builds self-esteem and helps you set and achieve goals.

Persistence is the key. If you keep this up, you WILL lose weight.

You do not have to deprive yourself, there are many healthy choices that will provide you with the flavors you are craving in a more calorie-conscious manner. (Example: 15 calorie pop sickles replace 150+ calorie ice cream, 140 calorie protein bars replace 350 calorie candy bars, grilled chicken and turkey replace deep fried chicken nuggets, etc)

You will reach set points and you can fluctuate your calories up and/or down and change your exercise to keep your muscles in a state of confusion to get over those hurdles.

You can eat foods you crave, in small increments, by implementing mindful eating.

Keep reaching out along this wonderful journey you are embarking on.  We're thrilled you are here and are sooooo happy to support and encourage you!

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Good luck! I just joined a couple of days ago. My personal "I'll be Happy with Myself" goal is to lose 30 lbs. The dude at the gym told me to be considered 'healthy' (on those charts that tell you how fat and unhealthy you are) I should drop about 52 lbs! OMG 52! That's a scary number so I can't imagine lookin at 100lbs! But it's all on YOU! If YOU are ready for it and YOU know YOU can do it than you'll be fine! It's gonna be hard and its gonna take a minute. That's my problem, I want fast results... well that's not going to happen. So like they said set a weekly goal and stick to it, REWARD YOURSELF! Treat yourself like once a month to a banana split (or whatever your weakness is)! Keep up the good work and god bless!
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after having read all of these wonderfull comments, i feel so encouraged and empowered. i am fortunate to have found this website. i am fairly new to my area yet have stumbled onto an amazing support system! thanks
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thanks. i also want my problem solved today. i believe that's what overwelms me. i know this will be hard but to tell the trueth im kinda looking forward to being proactive. i am looking forward to having a sense of accomplishment nomatter how small. i am looking forward to feeling in control of myself.
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