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Hi. I work in a office job and sit down all day 8 hrs or longer.  I started gaining weight working for 2 years=( wanted to know if there's any advice like what to eat or do mini exercise at a desk? Thanks!
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You should try to get up from your desk for a few minutes every couple hours and walk around, do some stretches, etc.  You can do leg lifts in your chair, various arm exercises, etc.  Try a google search for "chair exercises".  

Here's one I found that has really good work place exercises:

Here's another one:  

Of course, there are certain exercises that you won't want to do when wearing a dress and if wearing high heels, you'll probably want to take them off; also most of those done in a chair, were chairs with wheels, so you'll have to make sure to lock the wheels of your chair if possible, or brace it against a wall, etc so the chair doesn't slip from under you and cause an injury.  
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Hey. Well eat healthy foods that your body processes easily.  Like fruit, whole grains, vegs ect. But fruit should be 3 or less servings a day. I find popcorn with salt on it a really good snack as it has only about 100 calories for 3 cups.Or veg sticks and humps eg carrot sticks, cumcuber,calerely (0 calories)  Or heathies has yum chips, rice wheels that are from 60-80 calories and heathly.For food wraps are good 130 caloriesplus ffillings.you can grill wraps with topping and make heathly pizza :)
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