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need advice how to gain weight faster
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Perhaps try eating more nutritional food more frequently, six meals a day.  Do not eat junk food; it is not healthy.  Try increasing your protein to allow muscle growth and consider a regular exercise program.

You may elect to add a product, like Ensure, that contains essential nutrients and a high calorie content to help you gain weight or try adding protein powder to a glass of milk.

Hope that helps ..

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When my father had to gain weight, this is what he drak 3 times a day...

(plus I give this recipe to people who are too small to join the Army)

Put all of this in blender

1 ensure of choice
1 banana
1 scoop of high calorie protein powder weight builder (used by weight lifters)
1 scoop of non-sugar ice cream

(add a cookie or two if you would like)

Mix all this together in a blender and drink it in between your regular meals.

The important thing you need to know, is junk food is just as bad for skinny people as it is for overweight people.

Skinny people will eat junk food and the high metabollism will eat that suger like quick fuel and there will be no calories left for weight gain. DO NOT rely on Doughnuts to help you gain weight if you are a naturally skinny person.


2 eggs, with ham and 2 ozs of REAL cheese
2 slices regular white bread
Add in some fruit

(yes fruit will help even skinny people) You need a healthy body to gain or lose weight.

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Thank you for sharing and providing such wonderful information!  :]
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